Eklipse Highlights — An Athenascope Alternative


With their recent end-of-service announcement, gamers and streamers are flocking to the internet looking for an Athenascope alternative. It saddens us to see such a great service coming to an end, but if you’re looking for an alternative, you’ve come to the right place! You don’t have to ditch your highlight dreams just yet. Because a hero has risen from the ashes to save your streaming kingdom: Eklipse.gg!

Eklipse Highlights - An alternative to Athenascope

Whether you’re sharing your kill streaks in Fortnite or Warzone, getting the best gameplay clips may seem like a hassle. Have you ever decided to record a gameplay clip in the heat of the moment, and either captured the wrong moment or got killed trying to do so? Leave your doubts in the dust and get your highlights with Eklipse.gg!

To get in on a viable Athenascope alternative, sign up with Eklipse! You can easily connect your Twitch account, and get your highlights automatically for free!

Turn your epic plays into legendary content. Eklipse AI edits your streams into showstopping highlights that’ll leave your viewers speechless. Join the game!


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Differences with Eklipse: An Athenascope Alternative

Athenascope was founded in 2018, as a means to capture high-quality highlight clips using computer vision and artificial intelligence. We’ll keep it short, and stick to the main differences between Athenascope and Eklipse. Let’s jump in!

The major difference between Athenascope and Eklipse.gg is that the former only works with games supported by the platform. With Eklipse, you can get highlights from any game stream!

Secondly, the added benefits of Eklipse which make it a no-brainer Athenascope alternative. With Eklipse, you can use our newest feature, Convert To TikTok and convert your highlight clips to TikTok and Reels!

athenascope highlights
Source: Eklipse.gg – Athenascope alternative free

Also, in order to get your highlights from Eklipse, all you need is a URL to your stream or to connect your Twitch account. No need for lengthy, painstaking app downloads! This way you get more time to stream, and leave the grunt work to us!

Lastly, Eklipse also supports other types of content creator. Now you can clip lengthy YouTube talk videos like podcasts, commentaries, or talk show videos into short viral highlights ready for TikTok!

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What Makes Eklipse Better Than Athenoscope and Other AI Highlight Makers?

athenascope alternative 2023
Eklipse can convert your Twitch stream into a TikTok video

Eklipse is a powerful tool that offers various features. Before getting to that, let’s talk about how the interface is very simple and not cluttered. In just a few clicks, you could easily generate your gaming highlight clips. 

You don’t have to download every single stream of yours and upload it to Eklipse. Just by connecting your stream, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube, you could select the exact video that you’d like Eklipse to clip as highlights.

It is a big time saver compared to having to manually download and upload your stream one by one. In addition, Eklipse comes with a great video editing tool that lets you customize your highlight video.

Once you are done compiling your highlights into one montage video, you could edit your clip by trimming it, adding transitions, changing the template aspect ratio to TikTok, and even adding music to it!

Not only that, but you are also free to add text, openings, and such to your video to make it even more memorable. Finally, when you are happy with your video, you can choose whether to upload it directly to your social media or save it to your computer.

We even have a bunch of cool new features. We have Voice Command AI, which can help create clips from your streams just by identifying your voice!

We also have cool Channel Stickers, French language support, and YouTube Video Clipping. You read that right. Now you can create cool highlights from YouTube talking videos like podcasts, talk shows, and more. Cool, right?

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Why is Eklipse Better than Athenascope? – An Overview



Capture your highlights accurately

May produce off-clips

Import clips from your streams easily

Creates the clips on the website

Easily adjust clips for TikTok, Reels, YouTube, and more

Clips are more meant for a certain platform like YouTube

Support talking videos from YouTube
Athenascope alternative for twitch

The entire process of using Eklipse is extremely easy. With that said, you can spend less time creating your own montage and more time enjoying your favorite game!

While being a free tool, Eklipse now offers a premium plan that will SUPERCHARGE the clip-creating process. The premium plan offers you

  • 1080p HD output, a 10-hour time limit for streaming,
  • Process up to 3 streams of up to 12 hours/day
  • Priority stream processing
  • Access to all TikTok templates
  • 90 days of storage
  • 600 mins free YouTube upload credit
  • 3x faster processing speed

You can get all those features for only $15.99/month. Even better, you can save 40% on premium costs by choosing an annual plan for only $99.99/year!

To learn more about that, go check out  >> eklipse.gg/premium


Though Athenascope’s closure may leave a void in the hearts of streamers using the service, never fear! Eklipse.gg is a powerful alternative ready to cater to all your streaming highlight needs. So what are you waiting for? Sign up, and let the power of A.I extract your highlight clips in just a few clicks!

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