Jojo Siwa’s Life, Career, Relationship You Should Know [2023]

JoJo Siwa is a 19-year-old American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. She is known for her positive attitude and her willingness to be herself. She is also a strong advocate for body positivity and self-love. She has inspired millions of young people to be proud of who they are. If you’re her fan and wanna know more about her, let’s read our article here!

Who is Jojo Siwa?

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Jojo Siwa, originally named ‘Joelle Joanie Siwa,’ was born on Monday, May 19, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, US. As of 2020, she was 17 years old. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

During her childhood, Jojo started her dance journey at her mother’s dance studio.

In terms of her physical attributes, she stands at a height of 5’ 9”, possesses striking blue eyes, and has blonde hair that she has also dyed brown.

Her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, an American actress and dance instructor, originates from Iowa. Her father, Dr. Tom Siwa, is a chiropractor in Nebraska. She shares her life with an older brother named Jayden Siwa, who is a vlogger.

At one point, there were speculations about her romantic involvement with American footballer Elliott Brown. But currently, Jojo Siwa is in a relationship with Mark Bontempo.

Her musical interests encompass a variety of artists and bands, including Freddie Mercury, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor, Queen, and the Jonas Brothers. Among her favorite songs are Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and tunes from “The Muppets.”

Jojo Siwa’s Career

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JoJo Siwa’s journey began on TV’s “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and “Dance Moms.” She appeared on shows like “Good Day L.A.,” “Make It Pop,” and “All That.” In 2017, she hosted “Lip Sync Battle Shorties” and joined Nickelodeon.

In acting, she starred in “Blurt!” (2018) and voiced ‘Josie’ in “Middle School Moguls” (2019). Her web series “Jojo & BowBow Show Show” debuted on YouTube in 2020.

Her YouTube channel, ‘Its JoJo Siwa,’ started in 2015 with a Q&A video. She’s released hit singles like ‘Boomerang,’ ‘Kid in a Candy Store,’ and ‘High Top Shoes.’ She authored books like ‘JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life’ (2017) and ‘JoJo’s Guide to Making Your Own Fun’ (2018).

JoJo Siwa is a multi-talented star, excelling in TV, music, and writing. Her diverse ventures have left a significant impact.

Net Worth

Jojo Siwa’s brand extended beyond entertainment, as she launched a line of bows in 2016, available at Claire’s, a popular fashion-accessory destination for young girls. This expanded into an array of accessories including headbands, bags, phone cases, pens, and watches. Jojo also collaborated with J. C. Penney, offering accessories, bedroom decor, t-shirts, dresses, shoes, and dolls. The partnership with Walmart brought forth her brand’s toys, home products, and beauty items. She notably mentioned her brand’s substantial value in a conversation with YouTuber James Charles, suggesting it was worth a billion dollars.

In December 2019, Jojo made a notable real estate move, purchasing a $3.4 million mansion in Tarzana, an upscale L.A. community, where she resides with her family.

Jojo’s penchant for luxury is evident in her car collection, featuring a customized BMW 4 Series Convertible and a personalized Tesla Model X.


Jojo Siwa is a talented and successful influencer who is making a positive impact on the world. She is an inspiration to many people, and she is sure to continue to achieve great things in the years to come.

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