Summit1G Age, Net Worth, Relationship, and Many More in 2023


Summit1G emerged as the leading streamer on Twitch during its formative years as a prominent free online streaming platform for gamers worldwide. He held the position as the most followed channel on the platform until 2017 and maintains his status as one of the most popular and widely followed streamers even today. This article delves into various aspects of Summit1G’s life, including his net worth, professional gaming and streaming career, dating relationships, streaming setup, and more.

Summit1G Personal Life

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Jaryd Lazar, popularly known as Summit1G, was born on April 27, 1987, in Orange County, California, USA. He gained fame as an American Twitch streamer on the renowned Purple Platform.

From a young age, Jaryd developed a deep passion for Counter-Strike and aspired to become a professional player in the game. Additionally, Summit1G has a younger brother who is also an active Twitch streamer.

In 2013, Summit1G tied the knot with Desirae, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce 3 years later. Despite the separation, they have maintained a friendly relationship and Desirae currently serves as his manager.

Following his previous long-term relationship, Summit1G is presently in a romantic relationship with Caroline, also known as ‘LilChiipmunk,’ who is also a Twitch streamer. You can stay connected and up-to-date with his latest gameplay highlights by joining his Discord server and following him on Instagram.

Summit1G Net Worth

Summit1G generates income through various sources, including streaming, gaming, tournaments, ads viewed during live streams, donations, Twitch subscriptions, and other revenue streams such as monetized social media accounts, sponsorship deals, and exclusive contracts.


Summit1G earns from active and paid Twitch subscribers, as well as ads viewed on his live streams. He also receives donations through his Streamlabs tip jar.

On Twitch, with over 22,000 subscribers, Summit1G earns an estimated $77,000 in monthly income from subscriptions, assuming each Twitch sub costs $3.5. Additionally, he earns around $9,600 in ad revenue and receives a minimum of approximately $12,000 in monthly donations.

In total, Summit1G has the potential to earn almost $100,000 per month from his Twitch channel alone, depending on the number of paid Twitch subs, donations, and views he receives.


Summit1G’s YouTube income primarily comes from paid advertisements inserted before and during his videos. With around 706K subscribers and nearly 2.5 million views in the last 30 days, he is estimated to earn around $7,500 during that period. According to SocialBlade, Summit1G can earn anywhere between $7.4K to $119.1K on YouTube annually.

Combined Earnings

Considering both his Twitch and YouTube earnings, Summit1G is expected to generate approximately $110,000 per month or around $1.32 million annually.


As one of the pioneering streamers on Twitch, Summit1G has secured numerous gaming sponsorships throughout the years. Some of his notable sponsors include G-Fuel (an energy drink for gamers and streamers), Audio Technica (an audio equipment manufacturing brand), Monster Energy (a popular energy drink), CyberPower PC (a custom PC builder), Corsair (a gaming tech manufacturing company), and Discord (a text and video messaging platform).

Summit1G Career Journey


Summit1G embarked on his professional gaming career by playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO). It was in this game that he garnered recognition and joined Exertus eSports as his first organized team.

One of the most memorable incidents during Summit1G’s time as a professional CS:GO player was when he accidentally killed himself with a Molotov cocktail during the final match at the Dallas DreamHack Open in 2016. This unfortunate mishap led to his team losing the opportunity to claim the $250,000 prize money.

After retiring as a professional player, Summit1G continued playing for recreational teams like A51 and Team Mythic. He is also a member of Old Guys Club, alongside retired CS:GO pro player Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek.

Summit1G established his Twitch account in 2011 but began actively streaming in 2013. As one of the early streamers on the platform, he quickly gained popularity and became one of the most followed Twitch streamers.

At one point, Summit1G held the title of the most followed streamer until he was surpassed by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, the renowned Fortnite Battle Royale player-streamer, in 2017.

Thanks to his consistent subscriber base and viewership, Summit1G secured a multi-year exclusive contract with Twitch in 2020. He has served as an inspiration to popular streamers like ‘DrDisrespect’ and ‘TimTheTatman,’ as well as household names in the gaming community such as ‘Shroud’ and ‘xQc.’


Summit1G was one of the first full-time streamers on Twitch, showcasing games even before they became popular. His lasting popularity and influence over the years prove that streaming can be a lucrative and sustainable career choice.

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