TeePee Streamer Age, Relationship, Career Journey in 2023


Meet TeePee, whose real name is Tyler Polchow, born on July 3, 1992, in Texas. After winning the 2014 Call of Duty World Championship, he retired from pro gaming and started streaming on Twitch and making YouTube content. TeePee is known for his amazing gameplay, fun personality, and willingness to share tips with his fans. Let’s delve into his story now!

Who is TeePee?

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TeePee’s real name is Tyler Polchow. He was born on July 3, 1992, in Texas. He started playing Call of Duty when he was 12 years old. He quickly became one of the best players in the world, and in 2014, he won the Call of Duty World Championship.

After winning the World Championship, TeePee retired from professional Call of Duty. He then started streaming on Twitch and creating content on YouTube. He has over 1 million followers on Twitch and over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

TeePee is known for his high-level gameplay and his entertaining personality. He is also a great teacher, and he often shares tips and tricks with his viewers. He is one of the most popular and respected streamers in the Call of Duty community.

He is married to fellow streamer and content creator, Lyndsay Polchow and they have a daughter named Regan.

TeePee Streaming Journey

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When he was around 15 or 16 years old, TeePee played a game called CoD, and one day, a player named ‘Regulate’ asked if he ever played MLG battles. He didn’t know what that meant, so he looked it up and started watching Halo tournaments.

This got him interested in competing for prize money, so he joined the team of the person who asked about MLG battles. However, their performance in tournaments was not good.

He missed the first CoD 4 Pro Circuit Ladder (PCL) PlayStation tournament, but he worked hard and prepared for the second one. His team made it to the top twelve, and this got him some recognition. During that time, he met a player named Aches in 2010, and they talked about TeePee joining Aches’ team called LeveraGe.

In his first major tournament with them, they came in second place, which made his parents start to believe that he could have a future in competitive eSports. Even though he officially retired in June 2016, he still stayed involved in the professional league, mainly focusing on casting, coaching, and streaming these days. In April 2021, he joined Team Envy.

Streaming Hours and Accomplisments

TeePee streams almost every day, usually for 3 to 11 hours. Here are some of TeePee’s accomplishments in gaming:

  • 1st place in CWL Las Vegas Open in 2019
  • 1st place in NA MLG GameBattles 2000 Series in 2018
  • 1st place in MLG GameBattles Pro League Challenge in 2018
  • 1st place in UMG Gaming 2000 Series in 2015
  • 1st place in DreamHack Summer Invitational in 2015
  • 1st place in MLG GameBattles 5000 Series in 2015
  • 1st place in ESWC in 2014
  • 1st place in MLG Anaheim International Playoffs in 2014
  • 1st place in MLG CoD League Season 2 Regular Season in 2014
  • 1st place in MLG CoD League Season 1 Playoffs in 2014
  • 1st place in NA MLG GameBattles 2000 Series in 2014
  • 1st place in MLG Spring Championship in 2013
  • 1st place in MLG Anaheim in 2011
  • 1st place in GameStop PS3 Championship in 2011

TeePee’s Net Worth

TeePee has over 27,820 subscribers, so this could earn him around $97,370 USD per month, excluding any additional income from tournament winnings, donations, sponsorships, coaching, Twitch cheer bit contributions, casting, and tips.


TeePee’s journey has been incredible, going from dominating in Call of Duty tournaments to becoming a highly popular and respected streamer. His Twitch and YouTube channels have a massive following. With a long list of gaming achievements and a loyal fan base, TeePee continues to shine in the world of competitive gaming and content creation.

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