Call of Duty Redeem Codes July 2024: Free Rewards!

If you’re looking to enhance your in-game appearance and aesthetics in Call of Duty, a collection of redeem codes is exactly what you need. This article presents the most up-to-date codes for Call of Duty Mobile, Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Cold War.

In case you’re unfamiliar with redeem codes, they consist of a combination of numbers and letters that can be “redeemed” to unlock new in-game cosmetics and content. By entering these codes, players can access a variety of bonus content and support, all free of charge.

Without further delay, let’s dive right in.

Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes July 2024 (Not Expired)

Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes today
Source: Activision – Call of Duty mobile redeem codes today

Here are the latest Call of Duty Mobile redeem codes for July 2024. You can use these codes to get free rewards such as skins, operators, and more:

New Codes (July 2024)


Expired Codes


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Call of Duty Warzone Redeem Code + Cold War

Call of Duty Warzone Redeem Code + Cold War redeem codes for claiming free gift
Source: Forbes – CoD Warzone + Cold War redeem codes for claiming free gift

There are no new CoD Warzone redeem codes for July yet. It might be beacuse it is still early in the month. Developers often release redeem codes later in the month, so it’s possible we just need to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, here are some active codes you might still be able to redeem:

Active Codes (CoD Warzone PC and Console Version):

  1. VZ5Y-KJ4C0-ECJ4: Redeem for Calling Card “Hiding in plain sight”
  2. BNX33C6FLWCPCBP: Redeem for Monster Energy Skin for operator Clutch
  3. KHVXCRPX60NE9: Redeem for exclusive rewards

Active Codes (CoD Warzone Mobile Version):

Aside from the redeem codes for the CoD Warzone PC & console version, you may also wonder about the Warzone Mobile redeem codes since it’s just released recently.

But too bad that there are also no active codes for the latest Warzone Mobile. The codes are no longer available following the pre-registration period and official launch. Additionally, the website previously used for redeeming these codes is no longer accessible.

Players seeking in-game rewards will need to explore alternative methods such as in-game events and promotions directly within the app. For the most up-to-date information, refer to the official Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile announcements and news.

Do not worry since you still have a chance to grab some exciting goodies from the latest codes of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Here’s the list of the codes.

  • DGKDVHQ11S2Z4: Calling Card, Another Pawn Down
  • GZ28T7TY5L618: Doritos Charm, Not Yo Chip Doritos Calling Card, Another Level Doritos Sticker, King Cheese Mountain Dew Charm, Canned Ordnance Mountain Dew Emblem

Call of Duty Redeem Code Modern Warfare & MW2

Call of Duty Redeem Code Modern Warfare
Source: Esporter

Despite being a year older than Cold War, Modern Warfare continues to impress with its plethora of fresh content and dedicated player base. Along with the recent release of Modern Warfare II, the game’s popularity is skyrocketing, making it a must-play for gamers looking for a thrilling experience and some great rewards.

But again, there are still no working codes you can redeem for any freebies. Even so, you can take another route to earn some in-game free items from any bonus content available within the game.

In Modern Warfare 2 itself, there is Mountain Dew Bonus Content that includes dual 2XP (2XP and Weapon 2XP), COD Points, Operator Skin, an Animated Calling Card (Circle K exclusive), Little Caesar’s Bundle, Burger King, and more.

How to Enter Redemption Center and Use COD Redeem Code

How to Enter Redemption Center and Use COD Redeem Code
Source: – CoD Mobile Redemption Center page

To redeem and use the Call of Duty codes is simple. You’ll only need several steps and bingo! You can get your hands on the goodies! Here are the steps.

  1. First, copy one of the codes you’d like to redeem.
  2. Open Call of Duty’s official redemption center page.
  3. Afterward, log in using your Call of Duty account.
  4. Paste the code in the text box.
  5. Restart your game, and you should be able to find a new item in your inventory.

Other Ways to Get Call of Duty Redeem Code Free

Alternatively, you can also do these things to get redeem codes for Call of Duty. Unlike the ones above, there are some requirements, involving you in buying certain products. Also, note that some of them are only available for certain regions.

  • Purchasing Call of Duty from Western Digital
  • Participating in the Xfinity Challenge
  • Purchasing Call of Duty from Walmart (United States only)
  • Purchasing Batchelors Instant Snacks
  • Purchasing specially marked bags of Doritos (United States only)
  • Purchasing Mountain Dew
  • Purchasing specially-marked Game Fuel products
  • Purchasing specially marked Mountain Dew or Game Fuel products at Walmart
  • Purchasing specially-marked Jack Link’s products at Walmart
  • Purchasing specially-marked Totino’s products
  • Purchasing specially-marked Lotte Snacks (Korea only)
  • Purchasing specially-marked McCol Soda (Korea only)
  • Purchasing specially-marked Monster Energy products (Japan only)
  • Purchasing specially-marked Mountain Dew in EU and UK region
  • Purchasing specially-marked Roc (Germany only)
  • From DRKN’s social media account
  • Purchasing COD Black Ops Cold War-branded Astro headsets
  • Purchasing COD Specially marked-branded KontrolFreek performance thumbstick caps
  • Purchasing an eligible Papa John’s meal
  • Purchasing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War-branded controller

Most of these redeem codes are promotional. So, you need to buy a product first before getting a code.

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