20 Twitch Streamers to Follow in August 2023, Find Your Favorite!


Welcome to August 2023, where Twitch streaming is at its peak, captivating audiences worldwide. In this article, we bring you the top 20 Twitch streamers with massive followings and unique styles that keep fans engaged. Whether you love gaming or creative content, you’re bound to find your favorite streamer among these talented individuals.

1. Ninja – 18.5 million followers

Source: ESPN

Known for: Fortnite/Variety

Formerly a Halo pro, Ninja achieved unprecedented popularity on Twitch with Fortnite, though he now streams a variety of games. Despite a drop in viewership, he remains the most-followed Twitch streamer, but his top spot may face challenges in the future.

2. Auronplay – 15.4 million followers

Known for: Variety

Raul ‘AuronPlay’ Alvarez Genes has exploded in popularity since 2020, gaining massive viewership with GTA V and Among Us content. Despite a brief Twitch ban, his audience continues to grow.

3. ibai – 15 million followers

Known for: Variety

Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos originally casted League of Legends but now streams diverse content. He recently surpassed Rubius, thanks to his record-breaking boxing event.

4. Rubius – 14.3 million followers

Known for: Variety

The second-most followed non-English speaking streamer, Rubius is also a well-known YouTuber, and his massive following supports his live streams.

5. xQc – 11.9 million followers

Known for: Overwatch/Variety

Former Overwatch pro xQc pulls in massive views with a wide variety of games and Just Chatting streams. He has been the most-watched streamer for two consecutive years.

6. TheGrefg – 11.4 million followers

Known for: Fortnite/Minecraft

YouTube superstar TheGrefg produces some of the finest Spanish content on Twitch, streaming Fortnite, Minecraft, Fall Guys, and Among Us as his popularity exploded over the past year.

7. Tfue – 11.4 million followers

Known for: Fortnite/Call of Duty

Tfue gained fame as a Fortnite streamer, rivaling Ninja during the game’s prime, and continues to stream a variety of games. He retired from streaming in 2023, and his comeback remains uncertain.

8. juansguarnizo – 10.8 million followers

Known for: Variety

Juan is South America’s biggest streamer, hailing from Colombia, and commands a massive audience in Mexico with his Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto streams.

9. Shroud – 10.6 million followers

Known for: Variety

Former pro player Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek gained a reputation as the ‘human aimbot’ in CS:GO and PUBG before returning to Twitch after Mixer’s shutdown. His follower count received a significant bump upon his return.

10. Pokimane – 9.3 million followers

Source: Dexerto

Known for: Variety

Pokimane is the highest-ranking female streamer with a massive following, primarily streaming League of Legends and Fortnite. Her follower count has remained relatively stable as she reduced her streaming hours.

11. sodapoppin – 8.8 million followers

Known for: Variety

Sodapoppin, a ten-year veteran on Twitch, consistently ranks high on the viewer charts. Despite a brief suspension, he remains popular among viewers.

12. ElMariana – 8.4 million followers

Known for: Variety

Mexican streamer ElMariana rapidly climbed the ranks to reach the top 20 in a short time. His explosive growth has surpassed established streamers like TimTheTatman and Myth.

13. ElSpreen – 8.3 million followers

Known for: Minecraft/Variety

Argentinian Minecraft streamer ElSpreen has gained millions of followers on Twitch and YouTube, positioning himself for a potential top 10 spot.

14. Myth – 7.4 million followers

Known for: Fortnite/Variety

TSM Myth gained fame with his Fortnite building skills and continues to maintain a large following on Twitch and YouTube despite exclusively streaming on YouTube now.

15. TommyInnit – 7.4 million followers

Known for: Minecraft

British Minecraft streamer TommyInnit, at just 18 years old, has rapidly grown his follower count on Twitch and YouTube. He may focus more on YouTube content in the future.

16. TimTheTatman – 7 million followers

Known for: Variety

Despite moving to YouTube, TimTheTatman’s Twitch channel remains active and popular. He continues to maintain a dedicated audience.

17. NICKMERCS – 6.7 million followers

Known for: Fortnite/Call of Duty

NICKMERCS is a renowned Fortnite and Call of Duty streamer who transitioned from 100Thieves to FaZe Clan. His follower count saw a significant increase in 2021.

18. Alanzoka – 6.5 million followers

Known for: Variety

Spanish streamer Alanzoka streams Counter-Strike and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with a significant viewership. He has battled for a spot in the top 20 with other streamers.

19. SypherPK – 6.4 million followers

Known for: Fortnite

SypherPK has been in close competition with other streamers, mainly known for his Fortnite content. He continues to maintain a strong presence on Twitch.

20. AriGameplays – 6.4 million followers

Known for: Variety/Minecraft

Mexican streamer AriGameplays is now the second most-followed female streamer on Twitch, covering a wide range of games and Just Chatting content. She has narrowly overtaken Amouranth in follower count.


As time goes on, the Twitch streaming scene keeps evolving. The featured top 20 streamers are now iconic figures on the platform, but new talents will emerge, trends will change, and audiences will shift. Keep exploring and stay tuned for the exciting future of Twitch streaming! Happy streaming!

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