Who is Keffals? Her Age, Career, and Controversies in 2023


Meet Keffals, 29-year-old Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She’s known for creating content about LGBT-related issues and left-wing politics. Keffals is a transgender woman from a family of Italian immigrants, and she’s gained attention for her controversies. Let’s delve into her stories!

Keffals Personal Life

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Keffals, whose real name is Clara Sorrenti, is a 29-year-old Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She creates content focused on LGBT-related issues and topics related to the left-wing of the political spectrum. Coming from a family of Italian immigrants, Keffals is the third generation of Italian-Canadians.

She is a transgender woman and has undergone bottom surgery. In May 2023, she shared a video where she talked about her struggles with drug addiction and its impact on her life. A fun fact about Keffals is that she is a big fan of Hideki Naganuma.

Keffals Twitch Career

Keffals started her YouTube journey with a video showcasing highlights from her Twitch stream, where she shared her thoughts on PragerU and made funny YTPs (YouTube Poops) mocking them. Being a transgender woman, Keffals creates videos discussing LGBT news and topics, including Disney’s Don’t Say Gay bill and the Lia Thomas controversy.

Clara has teamed up with other YouTubers like Shoe0nHead and H3h3Productions for some of her videos.

What is Keffals Famous For?

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Although she has a career on Twitch and YouTube, Kaffels is more famous in society because of her controversies. Some of the controversies surrounding Kaffels include:

Feud with Destiny

On March 22, 2022, Steven Bonnell streamed his reaction to the Lia Thomas controversy. He criticized the idea of transgender women in sports. Keffals accused him of bullying and reported him, leading to his indefinite ban from Twitch. Keffals also asked her fans to report Destiny’s tweets that violated Twitch’s hate speech rules, trying to get his Twitch account banned by informing staff about his use of an alternate account to evade the ban. Some YouTubers, like Nicholas DeOrio, Lauren Southern, and LonerBox, thought the ban was unfair and pointed out Destiny’s support for LGBT rights and that other streamers who did worse things were not banned.


After Keffals got Destiny banned, some users of Kiwifarms doxxed her and created a thread about her. She had to ask her mother to deactivate all her social media accounts because the doxxers were trying to find her mother’s address. They claimed Keffals was an opiate addict and stole from the Communist Party of Canada to support her addiction, but actual party members denied this and supported Keffals, saying she left the party for different reasons.

Catboy Ranch

The doxxing also claimed that Keffals ran a NSFW Discord server called “Catboy Ranch,” despite her having openly run the Discord and mentioning it in tweets in 2021 before shutting it down due to harassment from right-wing groups. The fans of Destiny who doxxed Keffals alleged there were minors in the Discord because of the use of “femboy” and cutesy language, claiming one particular account belonged to a 16-year-old.

In response, Keffals tweeted that the person in the screenshot claiming to be “under 18” was actually an adult running a porn account, and none of the screenshots in the alleged Discord showed her in the chat logs. She accused Destiny of boosting this lie without fact-checking because he wanted to see her fail.

Twitter ban

On June 30, 2022, Keffals’ Twitter account was permanently suspended but was later reinstated in early July. The reason for her account being banned remains unknown.

Harassment campaign

On August 9, 2022, Keffals uploaded a video on her YouTube channel explaining that she lost access to her main Twitter account and couldn’t stream because the police had raided her home and seized her computer, phone, and her fiancee’s laptop. This happened after someone impersonating her sent an email to Canadian city counselors, falsely claiming that she had killed her mother with an illegal firearm and was planning to harm cisgender people at city hall. The police later realized she was innocent, but her personal devices were still taken by the police.

In response to these events, Keffals started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help her move out and cover potential legal fees for her defense, but the funds were frozen after mass reporting. Despite this, Keffals was able to move into a hotel, but on August 17, 2022, the hotel’s location was doxxed, resulting in her receiving unwanted pizza deliveries under her deadname.

Due to continued harassment, including her Uber account being hacked for food orders, Keffals announced she would leave Canada and move to an undisclosed location in Europe. However, she was doxxed again in a swatting attempt after relocating to Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Despite her career on Twitch and YouTube, Keffals is most famous for the controversies surrounding her. From feuds with other streamers to doxxing incidents and Twitter account bans, her journey has been filled with ups and downs. Nevertheless, Keffals continues to create content and has a dedicated following on her social media platforms.

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