Twitch Streamers With The Most Followers: Top 10

There are some Twitch streamers with the most followers that make Twitch the Netflix of video games. It’s a place where you can watch people play all sorts- and sometimes weird -likes, or chat with them while they do it! But who are these top Twitch stars that millions follow? Here I’ve compiled a list for those curious about their favorite game broadcasters’ rankings by follower count

Streaming has been taking off over the past three years, with Fortnite and game developers realizing how powerful Twitch is. As a result of this explosion in popularity, streaming became much more mainstream to watch for people who enjoy playing games on streams instead of YouTube or Facebook Gaming platforms. We have selected the top Twitch streamers with the most followers for you. 

Twitch Streamers With The Most Followers

With so many different types of streamers, it’s hard to keep track. Some play a single game while others have built up their follower base on various streams or are skilled at what they do and get fans because you can learn something from them too!

Other than gaming contents, these days most IRL-streaming channels just chat openly with viewers in real-time about anything under the sun as if there were no one else watching but themselves (and maybe sometimes even including animals). Well, actually streamers can also check who are watching their stream – just in case you also want to do the same thing and wonder who on earth are watching your not-so-gaming session. Wanna know how? Check this one out: Can Twitch Streamers See Who is Watching? 4 Easy Tips.

Getting back to the topic, with the best Twitch ad blocks, you can stream to your favorite gamers without any interruption. Here are the top 6 Twitch streamers with the most followers. 

1. Ninja: Twitch Streamer with the Most Followers (18.3 million followers)

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Source: EssentiallySPorts

Ninja has been crowned the most followed Twitch streamer, with over 17 million followers on his channel. He left his exclusive partnership when he moved to Mixer and then came back after it dissolved- now at number one. 

2. Auronplay, Twitch Streamers With The Most Followers #2 (13.4 million Followers)

most popular twitch streamers 2022

Source: Movistar

A devoted GTA V player, AuronPlay is one of the most popular content creators in Among Us. He picked up a Twitch ban this September but quickly got it reversed 20 minutes later

Auron’s gaming channels on both YouTube and Twitch have been growing steadily since he began streaming games with his friends over five years ago. 

3. Tfue , Twitch Streamers With The Most Followers #3 (11.1 million followers)

How Tfue transcended Fortnite and became a celebrity | The Washington Post  - YouTube

Source: YouTube

Tfue was able to maintain an impressive following during 2018 when it came out skins and other content related Fortnite items which made him a popular figure amongst gamers around YouTube as well as within communities who enjoy watching others game-play video games online via streaming services such as Twitch unlike many fellow competitors at this time period where people would tune into.

4. xQc (11 million followers)

Twitch Streamer xQc Has Wagered Over Half a Billion Dollars in Gambling  Streams | Game Live Story

Source: Game Live Story

One of the most-watched streamers on Twitch, Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been a household name in gaming for years. He joined Luminosity Gaming as they are looking to create more content and his fanbase is sure going to love what he does.

5. Shroud (10.2 million followers)

Valorant) Tim Shroud Tampin Mengesankan Pada Debutnya di VCT Stage 3 NA -


Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is a famous player who became known for his ridiculous aim in CS:GO and then PUBG. Since playing Mixer, he’s enjoyed an even greater following on YouTube with over 1 million subscribers to his channel; both of which have seen growth due to him returning back home where it all began. 

6. TheGrefg (10 million followers)

The Grefg protagoniza la portada de Forbes: "Me fui a Andorra por tema  fiscal, pero me ha aportado un estilo de vida que no cambiaría"

Source: 20 Minutos

While most Twitch streamers focus on Minecraft and Fortnite, TheGrefg chooses to be different. He recently spread out into Among Us and Fall Guys game. Due to his concern for those new games, he got his popularity in the past year.

7. Pokimane (9.2 million followers)

top female twitch streamers with the most followers

Source: USA Today’s FTW

One of the most followed female streamers on Twitch is Pokimane. Her beacon for many others to aspire started primarily with League of Legends, but she eventually branched out into other games such as Fortnite and Minecraft. 

If you are on your way to get more followers like Pokimane, you can keep track of your growth by checking who follows you. Follow our guide here: How to See Who Follows You on Twitch: A Quick Tip

8. Juansguarnizo (8.6 million followers)

JuanSGuarnizo cuenta con quién y cómo hará su respuesta a Spreen - YouTube

Source: YouTube

Juan or as known as Juansguarnizo is one of the game streamers on Twitch. Basically, he often streams a variety of games, but he mainly focuses on Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. Not only being famous on Twitch, but Juan has a big name on YouTube as well.

Currently, he’s the 3rd most-watched Minecraft channel, the 24th most-watched channel on the platform, and got ranked among the top 150 YouTube channels in Mexico. He’s just great, isn’t he?

9. TommyInnit (7.2 million followers) – The Youngest Twitch Streamer With The Most Followers

Twitch Streamers With The Most Followers

Source: TheGamer

Another most-watched Minecraft channel goes to TommyInnit. At his early age (he’s now 18 years old), he has been successfully getting his popularity on Twitch with over 7 million followers.

Just like Juan, he also manages his account on YouTube. But currently, he’s currently more focused to stream on YouTube than on Twitch.

10. TimTheTatman (7 million followers)

TimTheTatMan Slams New Warzone Vargo-S 'Trash', Calls for Buff

Source: DBLTAP

Even after a long career on Twitch, his viewers do not appear to be dwindling. He always is able to steal the spotlight with his performance while streaming.

Currently, Tim focuses himself on playing Call of Duty, after his journey of trying Overwatch, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike. However, though he is still available on Twitch, now he is putting more attention on his YouTube channel.


That’s all about the Twitch streamers with the most followers. Well, each streamer has their streaming style that can attract their viewers. Some might focus on the Just Chatting category, while others mainly play popular games like Call of Duty. Visit our previous article to get to know about the best Call of Duty streamers on Twitch.

So, according to the list above, which one is your favorite Twitch streamer? Leave a comment below!

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