how to see who follows you on twitch as a mod

Learn How to See Who Follows You on Twitch?

Easy Steps to Find How to see Who Follows You on Twitch

Many Twitch streamers question how to see who follows you on twitch, as this or any other social media platform develops with the help of followers. If there is none to see what you post it is of no use. Here we are going to provide a detailed analysis of how to see who follows you on Twitch 2022.

Steps to learn how to see who follows you on Twitch

There was a time when it was much easier for any Twitch user to see who follows you on the platform but later after 2020 updates, there was a drastic change in the application design. It was more of a redesign update. Now according to this update, many ask that  How to see who follows you on twitch?

Now it’s not the same case as before. You have to go out of the way to the Creator Dashboard that is 4 clicks away.

  1. Go to Creator Dashboard
  2. Now in the Creator Dashboard, you will see the Community tab, Expand it.
  3. In the Community tab, Select Followers List.
  4. Now you will see the list of your followers with their names and other information.

How to see Who Follows You on Twitch

Some people also wonder that How to see who follows you on twitch on a mobile app.

And honestly, it’s a pretty much-asked question.

So the clear answer is “No”.

This feature that you can see on your laptop or desktop screen is currently not available over a mobile screen. Right now it’s simply not possible to see any list of your followers over a smartphone as compared to Laptop/Desktop. You can only see that either this individual is following you or not by getting on their profiles.

We know it’s pretty frustrating to know that because there is a large community of video streamers that are concerned about this feature. 

Hopefully, in the future, this feature might be available on mobile apps.

Steps to learn how to see your followers on Twitch

  • Sign in to your Twitch account.
  • Click on profile
  • Navigate to your profile picture
  • Below your profile picture, you can see the number of current followers
  • From here you can see who follows your twitch streams.

How to see the oldest follower on my Twitch account?

Twitch is the easiest platform for any age group. Checking out your followers has been made easy on this platform, just go to the creator dashboard and in the community section, you’ll get your latest to oldest followers. Hover your cursor to the lowest and there you go.

There is a minor difference in the Twitch mobile app, so here comes another query on how to see who follows you on twitch on mobile. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll see the loved ones.

· After logging into the Twitch account through the mobile app, you’ll see the profile icon.

· By clicking that you’ll get into the stream manager.

· There you go with the activity feed showing the list of the recent flowers.

· To see the whole followers list, log in through the Twitch website directly.

Twitch mobile app answers the most important question that how to see your followers on twitch. This app notifies you of the recent activities and followers rather than roaming around the oldest too. So you can recognize and engage them in a better way.  

Is it necessary to keep a check on your followers?

Social media accounts are basically run through followers, they are as essential as fuel in the car. Without fuel, the car will not move. So, keeping an eye over who is following you, from where and since when, etc. is of immense importance.

As an initial streamer, you need to take care of each follower individually and interact with them as much as possible. Follow the content they like. As soon as you increase the followers’ list you’ll not be able to look for each, but still, you have to remain humble with them. Dig out some of the comments and answer fewer chats. The live stream is a way better option for popular streamers.

Likewise, check out who unfollowed you and find out why. This may motivate you to make even better content and interact more.

Find out how to attract followers on Twitch

Having the right techniques will help you work easily and effectively on your strategies. Therefore, it is important to know a few tips that will answer your question on how to attract followers on Twitch.

  • Take advantage of social networks

One of the advantages that stands out the most of using social networks is that it allows you to expose your brand to new potential followers. However, you must know how to use them, not implement them as a simple notification service for your new broadcasts. Users are more attracted to those who use accounts authentically.

  • Watch and interact in the broadcasts of other streamers

Another technique that can help you answer your question of how to attract followers on Twitch is to meet other streamers. The idea is to watch other broadcasts and actively participate in their chats. This interaction will allow you to get their attention.

  • Broadcast for several hours

Do you want to get more followers on Twitch? So you have to start booking several hours a day to broadcast. Few users will find out about your broadcast if you are online for only one hour a day. We recommend that you start with broadcasts of at least three hours, this will allow you to accumulate viewers.

This will earn you a higher position in Twitch search results and greater exposure to a large number of viewers. For a reason, popular Twitch streamers spend between 5 and 10 hours a day, and in some cases even more.

How to tell if someone bought twitch followers?

View-bots or follow-bots are a trending fashion to increase followers or viewers and fake the reality on Twitch accounts. Manipulate the viewers to increase the traffic and popularity of the channel. As a streamer, you can check if someone is faking the identity in different ways.

  • You can check if the chats are empty or small, and viewers are plenty.
  •  Ambiguous and meaningless chats such as, “what S U P”. The real chats can never match with the bot chats.
  •  In the viewer list, you can manage to see the unregistered accounts.

If you find such an account, report them. Search the account, click on the report account, fill the form with detailed information and it’s done. Moreover, Twitch also reports such streamers so you can help the platform with easy steps. This will make your life easier too.

How to increase the followers on twitch without bots?

You don’t need to fake the follower and put your account in danger. There are other ways to make your channel the best in the line.

  • Quality content: make your content related to the trend so that it may attract people. Live streams with humoristic touch may grab followers’ attention.
  • Promotion strategies: Twitch channels can be promoted on other social media accounts such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Meetups: video calls, gaming sessions are the best way to meet with your followers. The interaction with people will increase the traffic of the channel.
  • Appealing styles: customize the layouts of your Twitch account with the help of software. There are many overlays and templates provided by the Twitch interactive.
  • Take it as a full-time job: the more you stream the more the channel gets viewed. Keep your stream time the same so that the audience may know. Moreover, several hours a week will make your Twitch channel the best.


How to see who follows you on twitch notifications?

The creator dashboard shows an option of the community just clicks on that. You’ll see the follower list. In the mobile app, recent followers shall appear while in the Twitch account the whole list of followers will blink. Also, you can turn on and off the notifications of Twitch through AlertBox options.

Is it cool to use the Mod view for the Twitch channel?

You can use mod view to channelize and customize your account and make it even easier and cooler to use. There are different options like widgets, chat options, activity mods, whispers and AutoMod queue, etc.

 What is faking the Twitch channel?

Buying fake views, followers and real people following on the basis of payments. These all are included in fake bots. Twitch takes quick action against such fraud.

 After how many followers does a Twitch account get?

There is no specific number, however above 90 followers account is expected to be in a good position.

 How to see who follows you on twitch during live streaming?

During streaming, you can easily see the current viewers and even you can check if they are your followers or not. You can also chat with them.