60+ Sponsorship Opportunity for Twitch Streamers [Update 2023]

Securing sponsorships is crucial for Twitch streamers to expand their brand, credibility, and audience. It’s important to find the right sponsors that align with your channel. Our comprehensive list of over 60 sponsors for Twitch streamers can help you find the perfect brand partnership to take your channel to new heights!

1. PC Sponsors for Twitch Streamers

Source: Streamlabs

Laptop or PC is one of the brand that have big potential to sponsors a Twitch Streamers. This is your ride-or-die. However, to afford a high-quality PC requires a big amount of pennies which could need a lot of work for small streamers. That’s what sponsors are for. It can give reciprocal benefits for both parties.

Here’s the list of companies you can approach for your future partnership.

CompanyTypeAccesible forProfit
XidaxAffiliateStreamers, Influencers3% Commission
Ironside ComputersSponsorshipStreamersVaries
CyberPowerPCSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
AlienwareAffiliateStreamers, Gamers1-6% Commission
Digital StormSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
NZXTAffiliateStreamers, Influencers8% and Perks
MainGearSponsorship, AffiliateStreamersPerks
Origin PCAffiliate

2. Gaming Gear Sponsors for Twitch Streamers

In addition to PC, a gaming gear such as a webcam, microphone, headset, could be a big potential to sponsors a Twitch streamers. Check the sponsorship list below to find the best brand to collaborate with later.

CompanyTypeAccesible ForProfit
LogitechSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
AVerMediaSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
RazerSponsorship AffiliateStreamers20% Commission, Special Offers
Viper GamingSponsorshipGamers, Streamers, TeamsDiscount codes, gear, affiliate links
Astro GamingAffiliateStreamers, Gamers5% Commission and Perks
Tt eSPORTSSponsorshipTeams, GamersVaries
HyperXSponsorshipStreamers, YouTubersVaries
Cooler MasterSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
SteelSeriesAffiliateStreamers, YouTubers8% Commission
OnFire GamingAffiliateStreamers, GamersCommission and Perks
NETGEARSponsorshipsGamers, TeamsVaries
Floating GripSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, Influencers15% Commission, Giveaways
NeweggAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
ROCCASponsorshipContent CreatorsCommission, Payment
BoseAffiliateStreamers2-3% Commission
Turtle BeachAffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries
MSI GamingSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
CorsairSponsorship, AffiliateStreamersVaries
FinalmouseAffiliateStreamers, Gamers25% Commission Rate
Floating GripSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, Influencers
15% Commission, Giveaways

3. Gaming Controller Sponsorships

Are you a console gamer or simply often use controllers while playing PC games? Then you’ll have good opportunities to earn commission from selling upgrades to them. Find the one that works nicely for you.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
Battle Beaver CustomsSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, GamersMerch
Cinch GamingAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5% Commission in Store Credit
Fatal GripsAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers10% Commission, Merch
Forever GripsAffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries
Iconic ControllersSponsorshipStreamersVaries
KontrolFreekAffiliateGamers, Streamers10% Commission
ModdedZoneAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5% Commission
PlaybudzSponsorshipStreamer, GamerVaries
Scuf GamingSponsorshipStreamersVaries

4. Gaming Chair Sponsors for Twitch Streamers

Sponsors For Small Streamers
Source: Razer

People will not only be impressed with your content, how skillful you are in the game or your graphic editing, but they’ll also like your streaming setup. That’s why it’s important to make and show a catchy desktop setup to your viewers. Besides our streaming desk, using a gaming chair will build an impression in front of your audience.

In addition, you can not only enhance your visual aspects but also earn passive commission through these sponsorships.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
TechniSportAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission and free products
Herman MillerAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Chairs4GamingAffiliateStreamers, Gamers15% Commission
VertagearAffiliateStreamersCommissions and bonuses
OPSEATSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, StreamersVaries, $15 per chair, potential free chair
EwinRacingSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, StreamersSponsorship – varies, Affiliate – 10% and bonuses
DXRacerAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5-12%
AKRacingSponsorship & AffiliateStreamers5% Comm. on Affiliate Sales
MAXNOMICSponsorshipTeams, StreamersVaries
SecretlabSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, Streamers12% commission
GT OmegaSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, Streamers5% Commission

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5. Games and Software Sponsorship

Game sales increase significantly whenever content creators stream the game or promote a new title. Due to this, many game and software companies willingly collaborate with most streamers, even paying them thousands of dollars just so they can play one of their games for a single day.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
KinguinAffilaiteContent CreatorsCommission
AdobeAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
StreamElementsSponsorshipContent CreatorsVaries
Green Man GamingAffiliateStreamers, GamersCommission
Nexus.GGAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
GamestopAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission

6. Graphics Sponsorships

Good content plus good editing will be a perfect combo that is powerful enough to gain a lot of eyeballs. And in order to achieve that, you’ll definitely need video editing software that provides amazing tools to enhance your streaming output. But did you know that creating stunning content on certain platforms can even give you a chance to earn commission? Yes, it’s possible to happen. See the list here to know what companies will possibly create a partnership with you.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
Own3DAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission
PlaceitAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission
Visuals by ImpulseAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Streamlabs PrimeAffiliateStreamersCommission
Nerd or DieAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission
FiverrAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Sketchfab IncAffiliateContent Creators10% Commission
StreamShiftAffiliateContent CreatorsVaries


Being a successful Twitch streamer takes hard work, including creating great content, connecting with fans, and working with sponsors. But finding sponsors as a small streamer can be challenging, as companies may have strict requirements.

To get noticed, reach out on social media and join their affiliate program. Prove your trustworthiness and ability to drive traffic. And always ensure fair benefits before partnering. Don’t compromise your value or brand trustworthiness.

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