120+ Sponsorship Opportunities for Twitch Streamers [Update 2024]

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Securing sponsorships is essential for Twitch streamers to grow their brand, credibility, and audience. Finding the right sponsors, ones that align with your channel’s identity is key.

For both aspiring and established streamers, sponsorships unlock lucrative opportunities. They allow you to monetize your passion, expand your reach, and elevate your streaming to new heights.

Embrace the power of sponsorship and transform your Twitch channel into a beacon of success. With our curated list of potential sponsors, you’ll be well-positioned to secure partnerships that resonate with your audience and propel your streaming journey to incredible heights!

1. PC Sponsors for Twitch Streamers


Source: Streamlabs

Laptops and PCs are brands with great potential to sponsor Twitch streamers. These are essential tools for streamers, and a strong partnership can benefit both parties.

However, high-quality PCs can be expensive, especially for small streamers just starting. That’s where sponsors come in. Sponsorships offer a way for both the streamer and the brand to gain mutual benefits.

Here’s a list of companies you can consider approaching for potential partnerships.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
XidaxAffiliateStreamers, Influencers3% Commission
Ironside ComputersSponsorshipStreamersVaries
CyberPowerPCSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
AlienwareAffiliateStreamers, Gamers1-6% Commission
Digital StormSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
NZXTAffiliateStreamers, Influencers8% and Perks
MainGearSponsorship, AffiliateStreamersPerks
Origin PCAffiliateGamersCommission

2. Gaming Gear Sponsors for Twitch Streamers


Source: Razer

In addition to PCs, gaming gear like webcams, microphones, and headsets also presents a significant sponsorship opportunity for Twitch streamers. These peripherals enhance a streamer’s setup and improve the overall viewing experience. Check out the sponsorship list below to find the best brands to collaborate with.

CompanyTypeAccessible ForProfit
LogitechSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
AVerMediaSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
RazerSponsorship AffiliateStreamers20% Commission, Special Offers
Viper GamingSponsorshipGamers, Streamers, TeamsDiscount codes, gear, affiliate links
Astro GamingAffiliateStreamers, Gamers5% Commission and Perks
Tt eSPORTSSponsorshipTeams, GamersVaries
HyperXSponsorshipStreamers, YouTubersVaries
Cooler MasterSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
SteelSeriesAffiliateStreamers, YouTubers8% Commission
OnFire GamingAffiliateStreamers, GamersCommission and Perks
NETGEARSponsorshipsGamers, TeamsVaries
Floating GripSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, Influencers15% Commission, Giveaways
NeweggAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
ROCCASponsorshipContent CreatorsCommission, Payment
BoseAffiliateStreamers2-3% Commission
Turtle BeachAffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries
MSI GamingSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
CorsairSponsorship, AffiliateStreamersVaries
FinalmouseAffiliateStreamers, Gamers25% Commission Rate
Floating GripSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, Influencers15% Commission, Giveaways

3. Gaming Controller Sponsorships


Source: Europoster.eu

Calling all console gamers and PC gamers who love controllers! There are great sponsorship opportunities available for you. Partnering with a controller brand allows you to earn commission by promoting their products to your audience.

Look for a brand that offers controllers that you genuinely enjoy using.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
Battle Beaver CustomsSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, GamersMerch
Cinch GamingAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5% Commission in Store Credit
Fatal GripsAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers10% Commission, Merch
Forever GripsAffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries
Iconic ControllersSponsorshipStreamersVaries
KontrolFreekAffiliateGamers, Streamers10% Commission
ModdedZoneAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5% Commission
PlaybudzSponsorshipStreamer, GamerVaries
Scuf GamingSponsorshipStreamersVaries

4. Gaming Chair Sponsors for Twitch Streamers


Source: Razer

Viewers are impressed not only by your content, gaming skills, and graphic editing but also by your streaming setup. That’s why creating a visually appealing desktop setup is important. A quality gaming chair enhances your comfort and adds a professional touch for your audience.

These sponsorships go beyond aesthetics. They can also help you earn passive income through commission.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
TechniSportAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission and free products
Herman MillerAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Chairs4GamingAffiliateStreamers, Gamers15% Commission
VertagearAffiliateStreamersCommissions and bonuses
OPSEATSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, StreamersVaries, $15 per chair, potential free chair
EwinRacingSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, StreamersSponsorship – varies, Affiliate – 10% and bonuses
DXRacerAffiliateStreamers, Influencers5-12%
AKRacingSponsorship & AffiliateStreamers5% Comm. on Affiliate Sales
MAXNOMICSponsorshipTeams, StreamersVaries
SecretlabSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, Streamers12% commission
GT OmegaSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, Streamers5% Commission

5. Games and Software Sponsorship


Source: LinkedIn

Game sales often see a significant increase whenever content creators stream or promote a new title. This strong connection between exposure and sales incentivizes many game and software companies to collaborate with streamers. Some companies are even willing to pay streamers thousands of dollars for a single day of gameplay.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
KinguinAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
AdobeAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
StreamElementsSponsorshipContent CreatorsVaries
Green Man GamingAffiliateStreamers, GamersCommission
Nexus.GGAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission
GamestopAffiliateContent CreatorsCommission

6. Graphics Sponsorships


Source: Simplilearn.com

High-quality content paired with strong editing is a powerful combination guaranteed to grab viewers’ attention. To achieve this, you’ll need video editing software that offers impressive tools to elevate your stream’s production value.

But did you know creating stellar content can even lead to earning commission on some platforms? Absolutely! Check out the list below to see which companies might partner with you.

CompanyTypeAccessible forProfit
Own3DAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission
PlaceitAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersCommission
Visuals by ImpulseAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Streamlabs PrimeAffiliateStreamersCommission
Nerd or DieAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission
FiverrAffiliateStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Sketchfab IncAffiliateContent Creators10% Commission
StreamShiftAffiliateContent CreatorsVaries

7. Computers Sponsorship

Expert Review

Source: Expert Review

Landing free computer sponsorships is also a possibility. Many brands are eager to support skilled gamers, especially those with a deep passion for and knowledge of computer parts and trends. You can attract sponsors by creating content that discusses various components ideal for building a gaming PC.

Ironside ComputersSponsorship
Origin PCAffiliate

How to Approach Twitch Sponsors

Securing sponsorships on Twitch can feel overwhelming, especially for new streamers. The following tips will help you approach potential sponsors and make a positive impression.

Building Your Appeal:

  • Develop a Strong Brand and Audience: Establish a clear identity for your channel. Cultivate a dedicated audience with consistent streaming schedules and engaging content. Sponsors favor streamers with a loyal following.
  • Identify Your Niche and Target Sponsors: Define your niche within Twitch and target brands whose products or services align with your content and audience demographics. This targeted approach increases partnership success.

Preparing for Partnerships:

  • Create a Media Kit: Craft a compelling media kit showcasing your channel’s statistics, demographics, engagement metrics, and past collaborations (if applicable). This document effectively communicates your value to potential sponsors.

Finding Opportunities:

  • Network with Other Streamers: Connect with fellow streamers for insights into sponsorships and negotiation strategies. Building community relationships offers valuable guidance and potential connections.
  • Utilize Available Platforms: Explore Twitch’s official sponsorship marketplace (if still available) or other platforms where brands seek streamer partnerships. These platforms streamline the connection process.

Securing Partnerships:

  • Craft a Compelling Pitch: Develop a targeted pitch for each potential sponsor. Highlight your channel’s strengths, audience reach, and the benefits of partnering with you. Demonstrate your understanding of their goals and target audience.
  • Negotiate with Confidence: Approach negotiations knowing your value and the value you offer. Be prepared to discuss sponsorship terms like compensation, deliverables (what the sponsor expects from you), and brand integration (how you’ll promote the sponsor).

Final Thoughts

While building a successful Twitch stream requires dedication, from crafting engaging content to fostering a fan community and securing sponsorships, attracting brand partnerships can be particularly difficult for new streamers due to stricter requirements.

To gain recognition, reach out to companies on social media and inquire about their affiliate programs. Establish your credibility and ability to drive traffic, and always negotiate fair benefits to uphold your brand value and trustworthiness.

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