How old is Mongraal? Net Worth, Age, Relationship, Career in 2023

Mongraal is a young and talented gamer from Kent, England. He discovered his love for gaming at a young age and decided to pursue it as a career with the support of his family. Despite facing challenges due to age restrictions, he worked hard and became well-known in the gaming community. Let’s delve into his life, career, and everything.

Who is Mongraal? How old is He?

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Kyle Jackson or Mongraal is a young gamer and internet personality, born on August 13, 2004, in Kent, England, UK. He currently resides in London, England. Having completed his education up to Middle School, Kyle stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighs 148 pounds (67 kg).

Mongraal got into gaming at a young age and knew from the start that gaming was his passion and future career.

He played Call of Duty and Halo all the time and was determined to become one of the best gamers in the community. His family supported him wholeheartedly, even when he decided to participate in a professional competition at just 13 years old.

At that young age, he dropped out of school to focus entirely on gaming. He also started a Youtube channel and uploaded his gaming moments on Twitch.

Although he faced challenges entering competitions due to age restrictions, luck was on his side, and he found success. His Youtube community grew, and he became a well-known gamer worldwide. Nowadays, his career is flourishing, especially after joining the Faze clan.

Mongraal Net Worth 2023

Mongraal earns money through various sources, including content creation on Twitch and YouTube, fan donations and tips, sponsorships, FaZe Clan gaming, and merchandise sales.


On Twitch, he has around 2,500 subscribers, earning him $6,250 per month. Additionally, he receives ad revenue with about 2.4 million average views, making roughly $4,800 monthly. On top of that, he gets around $2,000 in tips and donations each month. In total, Mongraal makes approximately $13,050 per month from his Twitch activities.


Moving on to YouTube, his ad revenue fluctuates, but on average, it ranges from $2,540 to $3,810 per month. In previous months, when his views were higher, he earned around $24,000 monthly. Considering all factors, an average monthly income of $13,000 seems reasonable for his YouTube content.

Combining his earnings from Twitch and YouTube, Mongraal’s total monthly income amounts to about $26,050. However, this figure doesn’t include his earnings from merch sales, sponsorships (with brands like Corsair, NVidia, PCSpecialist, Secret Labs Gaming, Ultra Gear, and GFuel), and his affiliation with FaZe Clan.

Mongraal’s merchandise can be found at the official FaZe Clan shop, and some Mongraal-inspired items are available on RedBubble.

Mongraal Streaming Journey

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Mongraal started streaming on Twitch earlier, but it was in 2018 when he took it seriously. He signed a contract with Team Secret that year, allowing him to compete in competitive gaming. However, he faced challenges due to age restrictions, which prevented him from participating in bigger competitions like Fortnite.

Since things didn’t go well with Team Secret, he joined FaZe Clan. This opportunity catapulted him to fame when he became one of the youngest pro players in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. From then on, he has been actively participating in numerous Fortnite tournaments and gained popularity as a Twitch streamer, making him one of the most well-known Twitch personalities to this day.

Besides being recognized as a professional Fortnite Battle Royale player, Mongraal also enjoys playing and streaming a variety of games on his Twitch channel. Some of the games he frequently plays include Fortnite, VALORANT, Just Chatting, Minecraft, Crab Game, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Rogue Company, MultiVersus, Call of Duty, and Halo.


Mongraal’s gaming career has grown significantly. He has a large following on Twitch and YouTube and earns money through various sources, including sponsorships and merchandise sales. Joining FaZe Clan boosted his fame, and he participated in the Fortnite World Cup. He continues to be a popular Twitch streamer, inspiring gamers worldwide.

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