Packgod Profile: Age, Relationship, Net Worth in 2023

Packgod, also known as Elias Lichten, has gained fame through his controversial diss tracks and sharp wit on his Packgod and void channels. Despite his rising popularity, Elias keeps his personal life private, including his age. His talent and influence continue to grow, making him a prominent figure in the YouTube community. Let’s delve into the details of Packgod’s personal life, his face reveal, and his streaming career.

Packgod Personal Life

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Packgod’s real name is Elias Lichten, but his age is not publicly known. Despite thorough research, no information about his age can be found on any internet platform.

Elias Lichten has gained popularity for his controversial diss tracks and sharp wit, which have attracted a dedicated following on his Packgod and void channels.

Packgod recently revealed his face, causing excitement among his fans. He has also collaborated with other YouTube personalities, expanding his influence.

While some public figures openly share details about their age and personal life, others prefer to maintain privacy. Packgod seems to belong to the latter category, focusing more on his content and online persona rather than sharing personal details.

Regardless of his age, Packgod’s talent and popularity continue to grow, making him a prominent figure in the YouTube community. It will be interesting to see his future growth.

As for Packgod’s romantic life, there is no reliable information available online to confirm or deny whether he has a girlfriend. Packgod keeps his personal life private and away from the public eye, which is common among celebrities and influencers.

Packgod Face Reveal

In 2022, Packgod surprised his fans and the YouTube community by showing his face to the public.

This reveal happened after some conflicts with his former partner, Leg. As a result, Packgod started a new channel called “Packgod” where he continued making his famous diss tracks.

The face reveal was a big deal for his followers since they had only heard his voice and seen him as an animated character before.

It allowed them to feel a more personal connection with him and added another dimension to his already controversial image.

After revealing his face, Packgod has continued to create content on both his Packgod and void channels, attracting a large number of followers.

While his diss tracks can be divisive, the face reveals helped humanize him and brought him closer to his audience.

Packgod Streaming Career and Net Worth

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Packgod’s exact assets and net worth are not publicly known as they have not been documented. It’s worth noting that his legal issues might impact his net worth and financial situation.

Most of his possessions are likely acquired through the success of the void channel. As of the time of writing this piece, the channel has over 400,000 subscribers and 27,245,845 views.

Packgod gained his views and achieved success by creating roast videos and diss tracks targeting various popular content creators. One of his early targets was FaZe Clan, an American esports team based in Los Angeles, California. FaZe Clan has teams dedicated to games like FIFA, Fortnite, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Packgod also created a track that was aimed at Pokimane, Jake Paul, and Ricegum, who are other well-known figures in gaming industry.


Packgod’s face reveal was a significant moment for his fans, as they finally got to see the person behind the animated character. This revelation humanized him and deepened the connection between him and his audience. Packgod continues to create content on his Packgod and void channels, attracting a large following. While his exact net worth remains unknown, his success can be attributed to the popularity of his roast videos and diss tracks.

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