Who is Ironmouse? Face Reveal, Age, Net Worth You Should Know


Ironmouse is a popular virtual YouTuber signed under VShojo, known for her unique voice and singing talent. Many of you may want to know more about her life and career story, so read it in our article!

Who is Ironmouse?

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Ironmouse is a virtual YouTuber who’s become really popular on the internet. She’s part of VShojo, a company that helps voice talents find work online.

Ironmouse likes to keep her personal life private. This is partly because she has a medical condition called Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), which affects her immune system. Also, as a VTuber, it’s just part of her job to maintain some privacy.

In her virtual world, Ironmouse plays the role of a demon queen. She’s curious about life in the human world and acts like a mischievous and fun-loving character. She enjoys making new friends and living life to the fullest, all in the virtual realm.

Ironmouse Net Worth 2023

Ironmouse doesn’t focus much on gaming as it’s not her strong suit. Instead, she spends a lot of time doing ‘Just Chatting’ streams online, which helps her make money during each live stream. Apart from that, she also earns from advertisements, donations, tips, merch sales, paid subscriptions, and her contract with VShojo.

1. Twitch

Ironmouse earns money from live streams, ads shown during her streams, tips, and donations from her fans, as well as paid subscriptions from dedicated followers who pay a monthly fee for her channel. With over 1.1 million followers on Twitch and more than 7,000 active paid subscribers, she likely earns around $24,500 per month, which adds up to about $294,000 annually.

2. YouTube

She makes money through ads and paid promotions in her videos. With over 673,000 subscribers and 25,441,871 views, Ironmouse is estimated to earn around $5,855 per month from ad revenue, which totals approximately $70,260 per year.

3. Sponsorship and Merchandise

It’s worth mentioning that these calculations don’t include her earnings from merch sales and her monthly contract fee with VShojo Agency. Additionally, she also receives donations through her Patreon account, but the exact amount is not publicly disclosed and is not included in the calculations.

Ironmouse sells her merchandise on a store called SharkRobot online, and she has plans to launch a personalized website, ironmouse.com, as announced on her Twitch channel.

Ironmouse Career Journey

Source: Twitch

Ironmouse joined Twitch in 2017, but she didn’t start streaming until August 2018. After streaming for a while, she took a break for almost three years before coming back in February 2021. At first, she streamed independently, but later she signed a contract with the VShojo agency.

Now, Ironmouse is a virtual Twitch streamer and a top-tier Twitch partner. She continues to do virtual streaming, and her fans are eagerly waiting for her to do a face-reveal.

Although Ironmouse mainly does ‘Just Chatting’ streams, she also plays different games and streams them on Twitch. Some of the games she plays are Resident Evil, Black Desert, Elden Ring, Minecraft, Among Us, and Phasmophobia.

Fun Fact About Ironmouse

  • Ironmouse is not just a virtual streamer but also a talented voice actor with a pleasant high-pitched voice and excellent singing skills, as praised by her followers.
  • She is also a composer of original music and had a passion for opera singing before being diagnosed with CVID.
  • Ironmouse is of Puerto Rican descent and is fluent in both English and Spanish. Additionally, she can converse in Korean and Japanese.
  • On Twitch, she hosts her own Talk Show called “Speak of the devil,” where she engages with her followers and fans from all over the world. The show includes talking, singing, just chatting, fan arts showcase, and anything fun.


Ironmouse’s success on Twitch and YouTube has led to significant earnings. Beyond her virtual persona, Ironmouse is a multitalented individual, showcasing her voice acting and singing skills. She’s truly inspiring!

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