8 Best VTuber Software 2024: Stream with Avatar Character!

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Virtual influencers, or VTubers, are gaining popularity in the online sphere. They use virtual avatars to interact with audiences, offering a unique mix of creativity and privacy while building their brands. 

As the VTuber trend grows, there’s a rising demand for specialized software that enables creators to produce high-quality content effortlessly. If you’re interested in diving into the VTuber world, here’s a list of top software options to help you start your journey.

1. Live3D: Best Software for Professional VTuber

Source: Medium

Live3D is your one-stop shop for becoming a professional VTuber, offering a suite of programs to create and manage your virtual persona.  With its flagship product, VTuber Maker, you can bring your avatar to life for streaming.  This software allows for facial and hand tracking, making your avatar move with your expressions.  

Want to personalize your virtual space? VTuber Editor lets you create a custom room or further customize your avatar’s appearance.  Need a striking pose for your avatar? VTuber Gallery has you covered.  Finally, the Virtual Effects Twitch Extension helps you connect with your audience through interactive features.

Live3D is downloadable for free, with a premium option starting at an affordable $3.90. Upgrading unlocks a treasure trove of additional content,  including a wider selection of public avatars, unique props, and a plethora of options to craft your dream VTuber persona.  Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting, Live3D empowers you to bring your virtual world to life.

Key Features:

  1. VTuber Maker: Brings your avatar to life with facial and hand-tracking technology.
  2. VTuber Editor: Design a custom virtual room or further customize your avatar’s appearance.
  3. VTuber Gallery: Create dynamic poses for your avatar for thumbnails, intros, or other uses.
  4. Virtual Effects Twitch Extension: Enhance viewer interaction with special features on Twitch streams.


  • Free and Accessible
  • Affordable Premium
  • Customizable
  • Interactive
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Limited platform integration
  • Reliance on tracking software

Price: US$ 3.90 per month

2. Wakaru: Best VTuber Software for Beginners

Source: Steam Community

Dreaming of becoming a VTuber but are intimidated by complex software? Look no further than Wakaru, a free and user-friendly program designed to jumpstart your virtual adventures.  Pioneering the VTuber scene, Wakaru empowers you to craft your ideal avatar and bring it to life in dazzling virtual videos. 

The biggest perk? It won’t cost you a dime. Simply download and install Wakaru on your computer, and you’re ready to unleash your creativity.  While Wakaru boasts a treasure trove of features, some users report its motion tracking isn’t the most advanced. This might mean your avatar’s movements may not perfectly mirror yours, but for beginners, it offers a fantastic entry point into the exciting world of VTubing.

Key Features:

  1. Free and Easy to Use: Download and use the software completely free, making it accessible for beginners.
  2. Avatar Creation: Design your own unique VTuber avatar for your virtual persona.
  3. Virtual Video Creation: Record and create virtual videos featuring your avatar.
  4. Webcam and Mobile Camera Support: Use your webcam or even your mobile phone’s camera for facial tracking, offering flexibility in setup.
  5. Integration with OBS: Wakaru can be integrated with OBS Studio, a popular streaming software, allowing you to potentially use your Wakaru avatar for live streams (although some additional configuration may be required).


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Creative Freedom
  • Flexible Setup
  • Potential for Live Streaming


  • Limited features
  • Tracking issues
  • Limited output

Price: Free

3. Animaze by Facerig: Best Software with Realistic Avatars

Source: Steam Community

Facerig can also be considered one of the easiest VTube face-tracking software to use. Instead of the whole body, Facerig only focuses on rigging your facial expression. So it means you don’t need any VR headset or other sophisticated equipment to start Vtubing.

It has a bunch of digital avatars that are accessible when you use the app, which enables you to start immediately with only a face cam.

Many reviews said Animaze has good face-tracking technology that accurately reproduces facial expressions on the virtual character. With 2D Cubism technology, the avatars show dynamic animations – smooth and lifelike.

Key Features:

  1. Real-time Facial Tracking: Facerig utilizes your webcam to track your facial expressions and movements, animating your chosen avatar in real time.
  2. Vast Avatar Library: Choose from a wide selection of pre-made avatars, including animals, robots, and fantastical creatures.
  3. Video Recording and Streaming: Record high-quality videos or stream live with your chosen avatar.
  4. Background Replacement: Replace your physical background with images or videos to create a custom virtual environment.
  5. Audio Effects: Apply fun voice filters and sound effects to enhance your performance. (This feature may require a paid subscription)


  • Easy to use, great for beginners
  • Visually appealing, high-quality avatars
  • Versatile for different content creation
  • High customization
  • Live streaming integrated


  • Limited free features
  • Reliant on good webcam quality
  • Performance drain on older computers


  • Free
  • The Animaze Plus is $19.99 per year or $3.99 per month.

4. VTube Studio: Best OBS Integrated VTuber Software

Source: Reddit

Craving the VTuber experience but lacking fancy equipment? Look no further than VTube Studio! This free program leverages your webcam’s facial capture technology to rig your chosen avatar in real time. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity – VTube Studio is lauded for its surprisingly fluid animations, bringing your avatar to life with every twitch of your expression.

Perfect for beginners, VTube Studio boasts a user-friendly interface that won’t overwhelm newcomers.  Plus, it seamlessly integrates with OBS Studio, a popular streaming platform, making it a breeze to broadcast your virtual self to the world.  And the best part?  VTube Studio is completely free to download on Steam for both PC and Mac!  

While a watermark might appear on your initial broadcasts, a mere $15 DLC purchase whisks it away, leaving your content clean and polished.  So, ditch the expensive equipment and embrace the world of VTubing with the versatile and beginner-friendly VTube Studio!

Key Features:

  1. Free Facial Tracking: Utilizes your webcam’s camera to track facial expressions for real-time avatar animation.
  2. Wide Avatar Compatibility: Works with various avatar models, allowing customization. (Avatars may need to be purchased separately)
  3. Beginner-friendly Interface: A straightforward interface makes it easy to learn and use.
  4. OBS Studio Integration: Integrates seamlessly with OBS Studio for smooth live streaming.
  5. Free Download (with watermark): Available for free on Steam for PC and Mac, with a watermark on your content.
  6. Paid DLC for Watermark Removal: Purchase an affordable DLC on Steam to remove the watermark from your content.


  • Free and Accessible
  • Easy to Use
  • Effective Tracking
  • Live Streaming Ready
  • Works with various avatar models, allowing for personalization. (Avatars may need to be purchased separately)


  • Limited Features in Free Version
  • No Built-in Avatar Creation
  • Software Updates


  • VTube Studio – Remove Watermark – $14.99
  • VTube Studio – NVIDIA Broadcast Tracker – Free
  • VTube Studio – VNet Multiplayer Collab – $19.99 

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5. Luppet: Best Light VTuber Software

Source: Online Tech Tips

From all the Vtuber software listed here, Luppet may be the one that can check all the boxes of VTubers’ needs. It is very light, simple to set up, has intuitive interface, and can track face also hand movement.

Luppet combines Leap Motion with webcam tracking to create high-quality animated avatars. It has all the functionality you expect from VTuber software, like a handful of character customization options and expression shortcuts.

To have a complete experience with this VTuber software, you need a personal plan of Luppet that costs you 6000 Japanese Yen or around $43. But don’t worry, if you think to dip your toe into Vtubing, you can download the free trial version of this app. Luppet web page is only available in Japanese, so you may want to follow a tutorial on YouTube to find the “free trial download button”.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced 2D/3D Live Animation: Luppet allows for rigging and animation of both 2D and 3D avatars, offering more flexibility than webcam-based tracking software. (3D models may require separate purchase or creation)
  2. Timeline Editing: Create and edit animations on a timeline for more precise control and complex movements.
  3. Physics Simulation: Luppet offers physics simulation for realistic hair, clothing, and accessory movement on your avatar.
  4. Multiple Webcam Support: Use multiple webcams for more complex facial tracking setups. (May require additional hardware)
  5. Free and Paid Versions: A free version with basic features exists, with paid tiers unlocking advanced functionalities.


  • Lightweight and resource-friendly
  • Highly customizable
  • Active development
  • Large community
  • Trial version available


  • Limited features compared to high-end software
  • Facial recognition and tracking may not be perfect
  • Motion capture is limited

Price: Personal License US$45

6. VRoid Studio: Best Customizable VTuber Software

Source: GameLoop

VRoid Studio has become a go-to program for aspiring VTubers thanks to its user-friendly interface and incredible creative potential. Unlike complex 3D modeling software, VRoid Studio offers a smooth entry point for anyone who wants to bring their virtual persona to life. Whether you envision a simple anime-inspired character or a detailed fantasy creature, VRoid Studio’s extensive customization options allow you to sculpt facial features, hairstyles, body types, and even clothing to match your vision exactly. 

Don’t worry if you lack artistic experience – VRoid Studio provides a library of pre-made assets to get you started. You can tweak these presets or dive deeper to create intricate details, letting your imagination run wild. The beauty of VRoid Studio lies in its accessibility. 

Even complete beginners can create a basic VTuber avatar and refine it over time. With a little practice, you’ll be surprised at the level of detail and personalization you can achieve. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a VTuber, VRoid Studio offers the perfect platform to step into the virtual world with confidence and creativity.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive Character Creation: VRoid Studio boasts a user-friendly interface specifically designed for creating VTuber avatars. Even beginners with no prior 3D modeling experience can easily navigate the tools and bring their characters to life.
  2. Extensive Customization Options: VRoid Studio offers a vast array of customization options, allowing you to create truly unique VTuber avatars. You can personalize facial features (eyes, nose, mouth), hairstyles, body types, and clothing down to the finest details.
  3. Pre-Made Assets: To streamline the creation process, VRoid Studio provides a library of pre-made assets like hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. These assets can be used as is or tweaked to achieve your desired look.
  4. Material Editing: Take your character customization a step further with VRoid Studio’s material editing tools. Adjust textures, colors, and lighting to create unique visual effects for hair, clothing, and skin.
  5. Physics Simulation: Breathe life into your VTuber avatar with physics simulations for hair and clothing. This feature allows for natural movement and adds realism to your character’s expressions and gestures.
  6. Easy Exporting: Once you’ve created your perfect VTuber avatar, VRoid Studio allows for seamless exporting into various formats compatible with popular VTuber software and game engines.


  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Highly customizable characters
  • Wide variety of pre-made assets
  • Physics simulation for realistic movement
  • Seamless export for VTuber software and game engines


  • Limited to creating anime-style characters (not ideal for realistic avatars)
  • May lack some advanced features found in professional 3D modeling software
  • Relies on your artistic vision to create unique characters (limited character creation presets)

Price: Free

7. VSeeFace: Best VTuber with Simple Interface

Source: HitPaw

VSeeFace is a powerful tool for VTubers, offering a seamless bridge between your facial expressions and your virtual persona. This user-friendly software excels at real-time face tracking, breathing life into your 3D avatar with impressive accuracy. Its compatibility with VRM, the standard format for VTuber avatars, allows you to leverage models created in VRoid Studio, Unity, or Blender.

VSeeFace is particularly attractive for new VTubers. Its intuitive interface and clear instructions make setup a breeze.  Combined with the ease of creating avatars in VRoid Studio, you can be up and running in the virtual world much faster than with complex software. So, ditch the intimidation factor and embrace the fun and creativity that VSeeFace offers!

Key Features:

  1. Accurate Face Tracking: VSeeFace shines in its ability to track your facial movements in real time with impressive precision. From subtle eye movements to wide grins, your avatar will mirror your expressions, creating a natural and engaging experience for your audience.
  2. VRM Support: A key strength of VSeeFace is its seamless compatibility with VRM, the standard file format for VTuber avatars. This means you can use avatars created in popular software like VRoid Studio, Unity, or Blender and bring them to life with VSeeFace’s tracking capabilities.
  3. Rigging and Parameter Adjustment: VSeeFace offers functionalities for fine-tuning the connection between your facial movements and your avatar’s expressions. You can adjust parameters to ensure your avatar accurately reflects even the slightest nuances in your facial expressions.
  4. Background Replacement: Take your VTubing experience a step further by replacing your physical background with a virtual one. VSeeFace allows you to incorporate any image or video as your backdrop, adding another layer of customization to your virtual environment.
  5. Multiple Webcam Support: For enhanced tracking accuracy or the creation of unique character expressions, VSeeFace allows you to utilize multiple webcams simultaneously. This opens doors to creative possibilities, like using one webcam for facial tracking and another to capture hand movements.


  • User-friendly interface for easy setup
  • Highly accurate real-time face tracking
  • Compatible with VRM avatars from various creation tools
  • Options for fine-tuning avatar expressions
  • Supports multiple webcams for advanced tracking


  • Requires a webcam for operation (not ideal for phone-based VTubing)
  • Limited editing features compared to dedicated 3D modeling software
  • May require some calibration for optimal tracking performance

Price: Free

8. VR Chat: Best VTuber Software with Social Interactions

Source: Twitch

VRChat is a virtual world that combines aspects of art games and social media. Users can interact with each other’s avatars, either by uploading their own or using pre-made models. The platform allows users to meet new people and explore different virtual worlds.

While some content on the platform may be inappropriate, the use of VRChat for streaming has increased in recent years. VTubers often use VRChat for Just Chatting streams on Twitch by selecting an invite-only world to prevent interruptions from strangers. You can participate in activities like dancing, singing karaoke, or simply hanging out and chatting with your viewers.

Key Features:

  • Avatar Creation & Customization: VR Chat offers a robust avatar system. You can upload your custom models or choose from a vast library of user-created avatars. Additionally, you can personalize your avatar with clothing, accessories, and animations, allowing you to express your unique style.
  • World Exploration: Immerse yourself in a seemingly endless universe of user-generated worlds. From bustling cityscapes to fantastical landscapes, VR Chat offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Each world is unique, brimming with interactive elements and experiences designed by the community.
  • Social Interaction: VR Chat thrives on real-time interaction. Voice chat allows you to connect with others in your chosen avatar, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. You can participate in group activities within worlds, engage in casual conversations, or even attend virtual events.
  • Full-Body Tracking: Elevate your VR experience with full-body tracking. This allows your avatar to mirror your movements, including walking, jumping, and gestures. This adds a layer of realism and immersion to your interactions within VR Chat.
  • Interactive Features: Many worlds in VR Chat are designed with interactive elements in mind. You can play mini-games, participate in puzzles, or attend live performances. This interactive nature fosters a sense of engagement and keeps things fresh within the platform.


  • Free-to-play with a vast library of user-generated content
  • Extensive avatar creation and customization options
  • Endless exploration opportunities with unique and interactive worlds
  • Fosters social interaction and community building through real-time voice chat and activities
  • Full-body tracking for a more immersive and realistic experience


  • Requires VR headset for the full experience (limited functionality without VR)
  • Can be overwhelming for new users due to the sheer volume of content
  • Potential for encountering inappropriate content or user behavior due to the open-ended nature
  • Performance may be affected by hardware limitations and server load
  • The learning curve for creating and uploading custom avatars


From Steam: 

  • US$9.99 per month
  • $99.99 per year 

From Oculus Quest Store: US$9.99 per month (reoccurring)

Final Thoughts

That’s all on our list of VTuber software that you can try to start streaming this 2022. Another software that you need to know for all the VTuber newbies who want to grow their channel more is Eklipse.gg.

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Anyway, we are sharing tips on streaming and content creation, so make sure to stay tuned to Eklipse blog! Don’t forget to share this article if you found this post helpful for you!