8 Best VTuber Software 2023: Stream with Avatar Character!

Virtual influencer (VTuber) is a growing trend in the online world, where people use virtual avatars to represent themselves as influencers. This allows streamers to have more creative freedom and anonymity while building their personal brand.

With the rise of VTuber, the need for specialized software has also increased, making it possible for streamers to create high-quality content with ease. To all of you who are looking for the best VTuber software to try, you can check out this list so you can start streaming as VTuber!

1. Live3D

best vtuber software free

Live3D is a VTuber software suite that offers a wide array of tools. It has 4 products, which are VTuber Maker to bring an avatar to life for streaming, VTuber Editor to create virtual room or customize your avatar, VTuber Gallery to create a pose for your avatar, and Virtual Effects Twitch Extension to engage with your viewers.

This VTuber software can be downloaded for free, with a premium option which price starting at $3.9. Its premium version offers you more public avatar, prop assets, and many more options for you to create your dream VTuber asset.

2. Wakaru

If you’re just getting started with Vtubing, Wakaru is a great option to help you get up and run quickly and easily. It’s one of the oldest VTuber software that allows you to create virtual videos and avatar of your choice.

Wakaru is completely free, all you need is to download the software, then install it on your computer. Though it’s a free software, and has much feature to offer, many tells that Wakaru doesn’t have the best tracking.

3. Animaze by Facerig

vtuber face tracking software

Facerig can also be considered as one of the easiest VTube face tracking software to use. Instead of the whole body, Facerig only focuses on rigging your face expression. So it means you don’t need any VR headset or other sophisticated equipment to start Vtubing.

It has a bunch of digital avatars that are accessible when you use the app, that enables you to start immediately with only a facecam.

Many reviews said Animaze has a good face-tracking technology that accurately reproduces facial expressions on the virtual character. With 2D Cubism technology, the avatars show dynamic animations – smooth and lifelike.

4. VTube Studio

vtuber software for streaming

Another software that can do the rigging on your face expression without any equipment is VTube Studio. Though it only uses facial capture technology, many reviews said VTube Studio does a good job of creating fluid animations.

VTube Studio is extremely versatile and easy to use. This best VTuber free software is also highly recommended for newbies, since it has OBS support and it’s free to download from Steam for PC /Mac if you feel okay with watermark. Though it’s free, you can get rid of the watermark by buying the DLC for $15 only.

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5. Luppet

From all the Vtuber software listed here, Luppet may be the one that can check all the boxes of VTubers’ needs. It is very simple to set up, intuitive interface, and can track face also hand movement.

Luppet combines Leap Motion with webcam tracking to create high-quality animated avatars. It has all the functionality you expect from a VTuber software, like a handful of character customization options and expression shortcuts.

To have a complete experience of this VTuber software, you need a personal plan of Luppet that cost you 6000 Japanese Yen or around $43. But don’t worry, if you think to dip your toe into Vtubing, you can download the free trial version of this app. Luppet web page is only available in Japanese, so you may want to follow a tutorial on YouTube to find the “free trial download button”.

6. VRoid Studio

vtuber software vroid studio

VRoid Studio is a popular program for creating 3D avatars for the VTuber world. It’s easy to use and offers a range of customization options, allowing you to create basic or highly detailed models depending on your level of experience and effort.

With VRoid Studio, the only limit is your imagination. Even if you’re not an artist or have never worked with 3D, don’t be discouraged. With practice, your skills will improve, and you have nothing to lose by giving VRoid Studio a try.

7. VSeeFace

vtuber software vseeface

VSeeFace is a user-friendly and reliable face-tracking software used by VTubers to animate their 3D avatars. It supports VRM 3D avatar formats, so you can use any avatar created in VRoid Studio, Unity, or Blender. VRoid Studio and VSeeFace make an excellent pair for new VTubers looking to stream with a 3D avatar.

8. VR Chat

vtuber software vr chat

VRChat is a virtual world that combines aspects of art games and social media. Users can interact with each other’s avatars, either by uploading their own or using pre-made models. The platform allows users to meet new people and explore different virtual worlds.

While some content on the platform may be inappropriate, the use of VRChat for streaming has increased in recent years. VTubers often use VRChat for Just Chatting streams on Twitch by selecting an invite-only world to prevent interruptions from strangers. You can participate in activities like dancing, singing karaoke, or simply hanging out and chatting with your viewers.

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That’s all on our list of VTuber software that you can try to start streaming this 2022. Another software that you need to know for all the VTuber newbies that want to grow their channel more is Eklipse.gg.

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Anyway, we are sharing tips on streaming and content creation, so make sure to stay tune on Eklipse blog! Don’t forget to share this article if you found this post helpful for you!

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