HasanAbi Net Worth, Age, Relationship Status, and More in 2023


HasanAbi, a prominent Twitch streamer, has gained significant recognition for his live broadcasts, particularly for sharing his political perspectives. He is actively engaged in the gaming community and frequently collaborates with notable figures from the eSports realm, such as xQc and the OfflineTV group. In this piece, we will delve into HasanAbi’s net worth, personal life, and professional journey.

HasanAbi Net Worth 2023

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HasanAbi’s net worth is estimated to be more than $6 million in 2023, primarily derived from his streaming activities on Twitch and uploading videos on YouTube. It is reported that he earns around $328,398 per month from various income sources, such as Twitch subscriptions, advertising revenue, and brand partnerships. Let’s break them down one by one.



As of November 2022, HasanAbi boasts 64,771 active subscribers according to Twitchtracker. With a likely 70/30 split with Twitch, he earns approximately $3.50 per subscriber, resulting in a monthly revenue of around $226,698.50 from Twitch subscriptions.


In the previous month, HasanAbi streamed for roughly 226 hours, attracting an average viewership of 33,263. Assuming he runs two ads per hour at a $5 cost per thousand views (CPM), he generates approximately $74,580 per month from advertisements.

Donations & Bits

Among his Top 10 donations this month, HasanAbi has accumulated $256. Considering this to be around 10% of his total donations, and factoring in the text-to-speech feature at $3 per donation, he estimates an earning of around $2,560 from donations alone.

Bit Donations: The exact amount received from bit donations is unavailable, but it is expected to fall within a similar range as regular donations. Overall, HasanAbi’s Twitch revenue from donations is estimated at approximately $5,120 per month.


Based on Socialblade’s data, he accumulated 11,324,553 views last month. HasanAbi earns approximately $22,000 per month from Youtube.

HasanAbi Personal Life

Hasan Piker, known as HasanAbi, was born on July 25, 1991, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States. His father is Turkish, and his mother is American. Growing up in Istanbul, Turkey, he attended public school.

During his school days, HasanAbi faced bullying due to his inquisitive nature and tendency to question things. He considered himself an “outcast” as he challenged religious teachings and didn’t conform to the norms of physical fitness.

HasanAbi found solace and interest in video games and gaming culture. He would avidly read Turkish video game magazines to indulge in his passion. He is a Leo with a height of 6’3″, and currently enjoys the status of being single in his relationship.

HasanAbi Career Journey

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Piker gained recognition as the producer and host of “The Breakdown,” a left-leaning political commentary video series on “The Young Turks” (T.Y.T.) that aired on Facebook in 2016. In 2019, he created and hosted another T.Y.T. series called “Agitprop with Hasan Piker.”

Transitioning from Facebook, Piker began streaming on Twitch in 2018 to engage a younger audience and provide a leftist perspective in response to what he saw as a prevalence of right-wing commentators on YouTube. He retired from T.Y.T. in January 2020 to focus on his career as a Twitch streamer.

Piker’s Twitch streams cover video game gameplay and political commentary, while highlights can be found on his YouTube accounts. Notably, he joined forces with U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and fellow Twitch streamer Pokimane in organizing a “Among Us” stream for the Get Out the Vote movement, attracting around 700,000 viewers.

During the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Piker’s stream reached a peak of 230,000 concurrent viewers, becoming one of the top sources for election news on YouTube and Twitch. He continued to garner significant viewership, with an average of 75,000 concurrent viewers during election week.

Piker’s stream also gained attention during the 2021 Capitol Hill riots, peaking at 231,000 viewers. Additionally, his merchandise release in November 2021 raised nearly $126,000 for striking funds in a single day.


HasanAbi net worth is estimated to be over $6 million in 2023, mostly from Twitch and YouTube revenue. He has a large following and significant influence in political and gaming circles. Despite his controversial opinions, HasanAbi remains popular and continues to grow his audience and revenue streams.

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