IShowSpeed Becomes Messi Fans After Insane Debut Goal

In a surprising twist, popular YouTuber IShowSpeed has gone from being a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan to becoming a Lionel Messi enthusiast.

The 18-year-old YouTuber, known for his unwavering support for Ronaldo, made an unexpected change after a bold promise during a live stream.

IShowSpeed’s Admiration for Ronaldo

IShowSpeed’s love for Cristiano Ronaldo was well-known to his millions of fans. He wore Ronaldo’s jerseys and even got a tattoo of the football star’s face. He traveled far and wide to attend matches and events in the hope of meeting his idol.

Finally, in June 2023, IShowSpeed’s dream came true when he got to meet Cristiano Ronaldo in person. He was thrilled to see his football hero up close and even met some of Ronaldo’s family members.

The Unexpected Turn of Events

But everything changed during a live stream on July 21. At a match between Inter Miami and Cruz Azul, where Lionel Messi was making his debut for Inter Miami, IShowSpeed found himself in an interesting situation. With the match tied 1-1 and only seconds left, Inter Miami was awarded a crucial free-kick just outside the box.

As a joke, IShowSpeed said he would become a Messi fan if Lionel Messi scored from the free-kick. Little did he know that Messi was about to perform a moment of brilliance. Messi confidently curled the ball into the top left corner of the net, securing a last-minute victory for Inter Miami.

A Stunned Convert

Stunned by Messi’s incredible goal, IShowSpeed kept his promise and immediately changed his allegiance. He took off his Ronaldo jersey and revealed an Inter Miami shirt with “Messi” on the back. Fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing – their favorite Ronaldo mega-fan had now become an enthusiastic Messi supporter.

IShowSpeed’s conversion sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with fans and fellow content creators sharing their amusement at the unexpected turn of events.

The young YouTuber clarified that his change of heart was not a disrespect to Ronaldo but rather an acknowledgment of Messi’s extraordinary talent. He expressed admiration for both players and hoped to continue creating content about football.

The Messi-Ronaldo Debate Lives On

This transformation also reignited the age-old debate among football fans about who the greatest player of all time is – Messi or Ronaldo. Both players continue to set new records and mesmerize the world with their skills, keeping the fan rivalry alive.

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IShowSpeed’s switch from being a Ronaldo fan to a Messi enthusiast reminds us that football fandom can surprise us. Just like Messi’s sensational debut goal, the beautiful game always has incredible moments and dedicated fans who are unafraid to embrace change.

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