IShowSpeed Reaches 19 Million Subscribers Amid Hospital Recovery


IShowSpeed, the popular YouTube streamer, achieved a remarkable milestone by reaching 19 million subscribers on the platform. However, this achievement came amidst an emotional journey as he battled a severe sinus infection that landed him in the hospital.

A Dominant Presence on YouTube

IShowSpeed has been a dominant force on YouTube throughout 2022, captivating audiences with his content. Alongside fellow broadcaster Dr Disrespect, heas garnered a massive following. With the goal of hitting 19 million subscribers on August 3, 2023, Speed had been eagerly anticipating this momentous occasion.

A Difficult Health Challenge

Unfortunately, just before reaching this milestone, IShowSpeed faced a significant health challenge.

During his stay in Japan, he experienced an excruciating cluster headache that led to his hospitalization. The cause was later identified as a severe sinus infection, which even resulted in the swelling of his right eye. A close friend of the streamer revealed that timely medical intervention was crucial, as the infection could have caused him to lose his eye.

A Tearful Celebration in the Hospital

Despite being in the hospital and still in the process of recovery, IShowSpeed was determined not to miss the special moment of hitting 19 million subscribers. He decided to celebrate the occasion with his dedicated fanbase through a heartwarming live stream.

During the emotional live stream, IShowSpeed shared his gratitude with his fans, saying, “I didn’t wanna miss this moment with y’all boys. I’m still hospitalized, as you can see, but I didn’t wanna miss this moment with y’all. I know I’m still sick, I know a lot is still going on. But chat, how could I miss this lovely moment with y’all boys?”

Overcoming a Momentary Setback

Unfortunately, as the subscriber count approached the milestone figure, some fans decided to play a prank on the streamer by mass-unsubscribing from his channel.

This unexpected setback was a bit frustrating for IShowSpeed, and he even had to rest his eyes due to the stress, mentioning that he might need a nurse’s help to manage the pain.

Triumph Amid Tears

Despite the trolling incident, the support from his true fans prevailed, and IShowSpeed ultimately achieved the momentous 19 million subscriber count. The heartwarming achievement brought tears to the YouTuber’s eyes, marking the beginning of a new era in his content creation journey.

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IShowSpeed’s YouTube channel now stands tall with 19 million loyal subscribers, a testament to his influential presence in the online community. As he continues to recover with the unwavering support of his fans, this milestone serves as a beacon of hope and resilience for the popular streamer.

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