Kick Unveils “KickCon” in Las Vegas, Same as TwitchCon 2023

Kick, the popular livestreaming platform created by Trainwreck, has given a hint about a potential event called “KickCon.” Interestingly, this event might take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the same time as TwitchCon 2023. As Kick continues to grow in popularity, it aims to bring together creators and organize meetups around the world. Although there is no official confirmation yet, the prospect of KickCon 2023 has sparked excitement among Kick streamers and viewers.

Kick Hints at “KickCon” in Las Vegas


On May 10, Kick shared a tweet featuring a photo of a “complimentary VIP Pass” for an event named “KickCon 2023.” The ticket indicates that the event might happen in Las Vegas, Nevada, which coincides with the planned location for TwitchCon 2023 in the fall. While the specific details of the event are unknown, Kick’s subsequent tweet has led fans to believe that KickCon might take place during the same weekend as TwitchCon.

Excitement Among Kick Streamers and Viewers

As news of the potential KickCon event spread, Kick streamers and viewers expressed their enthusiasm and desire for the event to come to fruition. One streamer replied passionately, saying, “DON’T TEASE ME LIKE THIS.” 

Another person shared their preparations with great excitement, stating, “I’m already choosing my outfits, booking flights, and finding a hotel. Who’s joining me?” These responses reflect the strong anticipation within the community for the convergence of KickCon and TwitchCon.

Official Confirmation Still Awaited

Although there is growing speculation about KickCon 2023, Trainwreck and the platform’s leadership have not confirmed the event yet. However, if there are any official updates regarding KickCon, we will make sure to keep you informed.


The possibility of KickCon 2023, a potential event organized by the popular livestreaming platform Kick, has generated excitement among the streaming community. With rumors suggesting that the event might take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside TwitchCon 2023, streamers and viewers eagerly await official confirmation. Stay tuned for further updates!

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