Ninja Raises Concerns Over Twitch Branded Content Guidelines


Fallout from Twitch’s Controversial Decision Twitch recently stirred controversy by updating its guidelines on branded content, which faced overwhelming criticism from prominent streamers like Asmongold, Ludwig, MoistCr1TiKaL, and MrBeast.

Despite Twitch backtracking on the changes due to the discontent within the streaming community, many streamers still feel a sense of betrayal.

Ninja’s Stance: Shedding Light on the Future

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, one of Twitch’s biggest stars with a history of turbulent relations with the platform, openly voiced his concerns about the impact of the Twitch branded content guidelines on his future. Sharing the sentiment against the changes, Ninja expressed his dissatisfaction.

The Contractual Obligation: Twitch in the Present

Despite his discontent, Ninja confirmed that he will continue streaming on Twitch for the time being, citing an existing contractual agreement signed before the implementation of the revised guidelines. However, this raises questions about his plans once the contract expires.

An Ambiguous Future

When asked about his post-contract plans, Ninja responded cryptically, saying “we will see.” This vague statement falls short of a strong endorsement from one of Twitch’s prominent figures, especially considering his exploration of other platforms like Kick.

Ninja’s Concerns on the Latest Twitch Branded Guidelines

Ninja’s concerns revolve around potential limitations on simultaneous streaming across multiple platforms and the newly introduced Twitch Terms of Service (TOS). While specific details remain undisclosed, it is clear that Twitch’s revised branding guidelines have had a tangible impact on the streaming community.


Fallout Continues Twitch’s recent revision of branding guidelines sparked significant backlash from streamers, including Ninja, a prominent figure on the platform.

Despite his current presence on Twitch due to contractual obligations, Ninja’s ambiguous response regarding his future presence suggests persistent discontentment caused by the new guidelines. As Twitch addresses these concerns, the ramifications of the changes continue to resonate throughout the streaming community.

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