Twitch Branded Content Guidelines: Personal Apology from the CEO


Twitch, the popular streaming platform, recently faced backlash and controversy over its branded content guidelines.

In response, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy issued a personal apology, acknowledging the company’s mistake and taking responsibility for the proposed restrictions that had caused an uproar.

The Backlash and Removal of Guidelines

On June 6, 2023, Twitch introduced new branded content guidelines aimed at regulating how streamers advertise sponsorships. However, these guidelines were met with immediate criticism as they were perceived to have negative implications for charity, esports, and individual streamers alike.

Renowned streamer Asmongold called for a boycott, while the OTK Network, an organization associated with him, threatened to abandon the platform entirely. Twitch promptly issued an apology shortly after the backlash and ultimately decided to remove the guidelines from their website.

Content Creators React

The controversy surrounding the branded content guidelines garnered attention from other prominent content creators as well. Ludwig, among others, voiced their opinions on the matter. The collective backlash from streamers and the community prompted Twitch to swiftly reverse its decision and discard the proposed changes within a day.

CEO Apology on Livestream

During his recent livestream on Twitch, CEO Dan Clancy took the opportunity to personally apologize for the situation. He wasted no time in addressing the issue head-on.

Apology for Recent Branded Content Guidelines

“Let me get straight to the point. As you may know, we recently introduced the branded content policy. I won’t delve into all the specifics.”

Clancy then proceeded to express his regret for the mishap in the guidelines, assuming full responsibility and admitting that Twitch had made an error.

“We received substantial negative feedback, and the truth is, we messed up. The fault lies with us, and I sincerely apologize for that.”

Despite the company’s quick action in rectifying the situation, Twitch users and the wider community still harbor concerns about the platform’s overall stance on supporting content creators.


The recent controversy surrounding Twitch’s branded content guidelines has caused significant turmoil within the streaming community. However, CEO Dan Clancy’s personal apology during his livestream demonstrates a willingness to take responsibility for the misstep and make amends.

As Twitch moves forward, it must prioritize transparency and effective communication to rebuild trust among its content creators and users alike.

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