Twitch Denies Streamer 23 Times, but Kick Offers an Opportunity

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has denied partnership to a streamer with an impressive following of over 500,000 for the 23rd time. Frustrated with the repeated rejections, the streamer has caught the attention of rival platform Kick, which has extended an offer. Let’s delve into the details of this intriguing development and explore the possibility of a new beginning for the streamer.

The Unfortunate Journey of Dantes on Twitch

Source: Dexerto

Dantes, a well-known streamer in the League of Legends community, has long aspired to become a Twitch partner. Despite amassing an impressive following of half a million loyal fans, his 23 attempts at securing partnership were all met with disappointment. This rejection has left Dantes disheartened and searching for alternative platforms that can provide him with the recognition he deserves.

Kick Offers a Ray of Hope

Following his most recent partnership rejection from Twitch, Dantes decided to reach out to Kick, a rival streaming service, in hopes of finding a “new home” for his content. Taking to Twitter, he shared a screenshot of the denial from Twitch, emphasizing how his substantial following and consistent viewership should have been enough for the platform to grant him partnership. He tagged Kick and Trainwreck, co-owner of the platform, signaling his openness to explore new opportunities.

To Dantes’ surprise, Kick’s official account responded to his tweet with an eyes emoji, indicating their interest. Shortly after, Dantes received a direct message from the rival platform expressing their desire to have him onboard. The message further solidified the legitimacy of the offer. Dantes then shared the screenshot with his viewers, affirming that a new chapter in his streaming career was about to unfold.

The Path Ahead

While Dantes embraces the prospect of joining Kick, it’s worth noting that he still features Twitch in his bio. This leaves us speculating whether he plans to collaborate with Kick on an exclusive arrangement or if he is considering a complete transition to the new platform. 

Dantes’ potential move to Kick adds to the buzz surrounding the platform, which has been teasing a significant signing in collaboration with Trainwreck and Adin Ross. While the details of this highly anticipated signing are yet to be unveiled, Kick continues to strengthen its roster by attracting talented streamers like Dantes. With each new addition, Kick solidifies its position as a serious competitor to established platforms like Twitch.


Twitch kept saying “no” to partnering with Dantes over and over, which really bummed him out. But then Kick came along and offered him a chance. He’s not sure yet if he wants to go all-in with Kick or just switch completely, but one thing’s for sure—he’s pumped to start a new phase in his streaming adventure, thanks to all the love and enthusiasm from his awesome fans.

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