Twitch Stats June 2023: Best Channels & Categories

June 2023 had exciting developments in streaming, especially on Twitch. In this article, we’ll explore the top performers and trends that dominated streaming in June.

Most Watched Twitch Channels in June 2023

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Let’s start with Fextralife’s impressive comeback.

Fextralife, known for its dedicated gamers, reclaimed its top position on Twitch after missing out in May. We’ll explore their outstanding viewership and significant growth.

Fextralife Dominates Twitch

Fextralife, a renowned gaming community and news source, regained its top spot on Twitch after a brief absence.

With a dedicated team of gamers, Fextralife is a hub for sponsored streams. In June, the channel garnered a staggering 17.99M hours watched, surpassing competitors by 130%. Fextralife’s airtime saw a remarkable 250% increase compared to the previous month.

Strong Presence of Tarik and xQc

Tarik, an esteemed content creator affiliated with Sentinels, secured the second spot. xQc follows closely in third place, experiencing a slight 4% viewership decline due to his mid-month exit for Kick.

Kings League and KaiCenat Shine

The official Kings League handle holds the fourth position, maintaining a consistent presence since its January debut.

Currently in its winter split, Kings League continues to captivate audiences. Rounding off the top five is KaiCenat, an emerging star on the platform, whose newfound fame has propelled them into the mainstream.

Notable Twitch Personalities

Alongside the top performers, renowned Twitch personalities like shroud and Quin69 secured the eighth and ninth positions, respectively.

They made waves during the early viewership charts of Diablo IV. Twitch also showcases megastars from various regions and languages, including Gaules, ironmouse, and ibai, each bringing their unique flair to the platform.

Most Watched Twitch Categories in June 2023

Additionally, let’s explore the most watched Twitch categories in June 2023.

Just Chatting Remains on Top

Just Chatting continues to dominate Twitch, remaining the most popular category for interactive and conversational content.

Diablo IV Makes an Impact

Diablo IV’s release in early June had a massive impact, becoming the second-most viewed category on Twitch with over 156M hours watched. It also achieved the highest peak viewers count among non-IRL categories.

Category Shifts

World of Warcraft and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom dropped from the charts, making way for the return of Fortnite and Rust. Minecraft’s position declined, while Apex Legends failed to secure a spot in the rankings.

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The Twitch charts for June 2023 showcased remarkable performances from leading channels and categories.

Fextralife’s resurgence as the top Twitch channel demonstrated its unwavering dominance, while Diablo IV’s release captivated audiences, propelling it to the second-most watched category. As the streaming landscape evolves, we eagerly anticipate upcoming trends and breakthroughs that will shape the future of Twitch.

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