How Many Followers on TikTok to Get Paid in 2024? Explained!

Ever wondered how many followers on TikTok to get paid in 2024? You’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to reveal some of the hottest TikTok tips to make money in 2024.

Whether you’re a gamer, dance pro, lip-sync champ, or just doing your thing on TikTok, it’s time to find out the secret number that turns your fun into cash. Get ready for the ride!

How Many Followers on TikTok to Get Paid?

If you want to make money through TikTok’s Creator Fund, you need to have at least 10,000 followers and at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days. The amount TikTokers make can vary greatly based on how many followers and video views they have as well as how they monetize their TikTok.

Ways to Make Money on TikTok in 2024

To start making money through the TikTok Creator Fund, you must apply to the fund through the pro/creator account. The amount you earn is based on a number of factors, including the number of views, the authenticity of views, and level of engagement on your content. The amount you can earn will fluctuate depending on what is being posted by the TikTok community on a particular day.

TikTok creators can get paid with 1,000 or more followers through livestreaming subscriptions and virtual “gifts.” However, creators need at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views in the previous 30-day period to qualify for many of TikTok’s monetization features.

In addition to the Creator Fund, TikTok offers built-in monetization tools for influencers, including ad-revenue sharing programs for longer-form and augmented-reality creators. Creators can also sell merch to their most loyal fans and participate in affiliate partnerships through the Creator Marketplace.


Overall, there are multiple ways for creators to make money on TikTok by leveraging different features such as live streaming subscriptions, virtual gifts from followers during live streams or other videos, in-feed ads that appear in users’ “For You” feeds, crowdfunding projects for creators with dedicated followings ,and sponsored content.

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