How to Put Captions on Instagram Reels

Many people are still lost at how to put captions on Instagram Reels. Don’t worry! We have the easiest tutorial for you right here.

Instagram video captions play a vital role in making your content more accessible and engaging for your audience. With 80% of people using Instagram to decide whether to purchase a product or service, adding captions to your Instagram reels can significantly impact your profile’s visibility and overall growth.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively put captions on your Instagram reels and the importance of accurate captioning for inclusive viewing experiences.

The Importance of Instagram Video Captions

Adding captions to your Instagram videos makes them searchable, driving more traffic to your business profile and ultimately leading to increased sales and customer engagement. Furthermore, the automatic captioning feature released by Instagram for 16 languages in mid-2021 has made it easier for creators and business leaders to offer quick accessibility for their videos.

However, it’s essential to review these automatically generated captions for accuracy as they may contain errors that could negatively impact your brand’s image.

Using the Caption Sticker Feature

To add captions to your Instagram reels, you can utilize the caption sticker feature provided by Instagram. After selecting the sticker, the automatic captions will start appearing, allowing you to customize the caption format using different text formats and color options.

It is crucial to review these autogenerated captions before posting them as they may include errors or misspellings that need correction.

Professional Captioning Services

For those looking for high-accuracy captioning at scale, professional services like Verbit’s can be employed. These services ensure that all captions adhere to ADA guidelines, providing an inclusive viewing experience that meets accessibility standards.

By choosing a reputable captioning provider, users can request captioning for their videos and upload the final content with accurate burnt-in captions.


In conclusion, adding accurate captions is essential in creating engaging video experiences while contributing to a more accessible social environment for all users. By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing professional captioning services when necessary, creators can ensure their content is both engaging and inclusive.

Remember that providing accurate captions not only enhances inclusivity but also contributes significantly to overall audience engagement on social media platforms like Instagram.

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