TikTok Tunnel Girl Controversy: Backlash Against Viral Construction Explained

TikTok has been buzzing with the ‘absurd’ project of “Tunnel Girl,” a sensation known for crafting an underground shelter beneath her suburban home. With over 500,000 followers on TikTok, Kala (as she’s known) has documented every step of her ambitious excavation project.

But, hold on—what’s the real story behind TikTok Tunnel Girl, and why are people going against her? Dive into the details here to uncover the intriguing twists in her journey!

The Journey of TikTok Tunnel Girl

Kala’s journey began in 2022 when she embarked on the mission to construct a storm shelter below her house. Her videos showcase her meticulous construction work and have sparked widespread curiosity and admiration among viewers. She has gained notoriety for her innovative project and has even faced some legal hurdles along the way.

In one of her most popular videos, which amassed 7.6 million views, Kala detailed the intricate process of constructing the tunnel entrance using hundreds of concrete blocks. The main chamber is situated an impressive 22 feet below ground level, showcasing the scale and complexity of her undertaking.

Legal Roadblocks and Community Concerns

Despite the widespread admiration for her project, local building and zoning officials have issued an order to halt her excavation work due to potential violations of building codes. This turn of events presents a challenge for Kala as she navigates through legal requirements to resume work on her tunnel system.

In her latest video, surpassing one million views, she explains the halt of her tunnel project. She reveals receiving a stop work order, mandating an immediate assessment by a licensed engineer. Dispelling rumors, she assures viewers that the construction is entirely beneath her house’s slab, expressing confidence in obtaining permits and approval without significant challenges.


Kala’s bold initiative has not only captivated audiences on TikTok but also attracted attention from international media outlets. Despite the controversy surrounding her, the TikTok Tunnel Girl’s story still serves as a testament to the power of determination.

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