YouTube Monetization: 10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Video content is more popular than ever, with over 12 billion minutes of videos watched online in 2020. If you’re a digital content creator or a business, now is the perfect time to focus on video content and take advantage of YouTube’s monetization features.

What is YouTube monetization?

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YouTube monetization is the ability to make money from your videos. To enable monetization, you need to meet certain requirements and join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). These requirements include having 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel. You can achieve these numbers by creating quality content and promoting your channel.

YouTube monetization rules and requirements

Monetizing your YouTube channel comes with a few strings attached. Once you join the YPP, the success of your videos determines how much money you can make. The more views you get, the more money you earn. To start monetizing your YouTube videos, you need to apply to the YPP and meet eligibility requirements such as having an AdSense account linked to your channel and following YouTube’s monetization policies. It’s important to avoid copyright violations and monetization mistakes, as they can result in the removal of ads, suspension from the YPP, or account termination.

Top 10 ways to monetize on YouTube

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Once you meet the requirements and join the YPP, there are various ways to earn money on YouTube:

  1. YouTube Ads: Enable ad monetization for your videos and meet YouTube’s content guidelines to run ads.
  2. Paid Sponsorships: Partner with brands to feature their products or services in your videos.
  3. Affiliates: Join affiliate marketing programs and earn a commission from sales made through your affiliate links.
  4. Channel Membership: Offer exclusive perks to subscribers who become channel members.
  5. Patronage: Use platforms like Patreon to provide exclusive perks to patrons who support your channel.
  6. Merchandise: Sell branded merchandise to your fans through YouTube’s merch shelf.
  7. Super Features: Enable Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks to allow your audience to show support during livestreams and Premieres.
  8. YouTube Shorts Fund: Qualify for monthly payments from the $100 million fund exclusively for Shorts creators.
  9. YouTube Premium: Earn revenue from YouTube Premium subscription payments.
  10. YouTube BrandConnect: Connect with brands for content campaigns and partnerships.

What to do if you get rejected by the YouTube Partner Program?

If your application gets rejected, YouTube will inform you of the policies your channel failed to follow. Take this as an opportunity to improve your channel before reapplying. You can revisit video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails to align with YouTube’s policies and delete or edit problematic videos.


Creating and publishing videos not only boosts brand awareness but also provides an opportunity to monetize on YouTube. To start monetizing, brand your YouTube account, promote your channel, and work on increasing views and subscribers. The more engagement you have, the more money you can make on the platform.

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