10 Live Streaming Basics Every Beginner Should Understand

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According to Techjury statistics, live streaming experienced a growth of 99 percent from April 2019 to April 2020, and 63% of people worldwide aged 18 to 34 are accustomed to watching live streaming, be it movies or games. Moreover, experts estimate that the live streaming market will be worth nearly 250 billion dollars by 2027.

Given these data, it’s no wonder that gaming video creators and streamers are emerging on various platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube. If you’re one of the beginner streamers, there are several things to consider before starting live streaming.

The following tips are based on the experience of StoneMountain64, a content creator with over 3 million followers. Let’s dive into them below!

1. Follow Your Own Roadmap and Passion

The first live streaming basics to emphasize is that professional streamers also go through challenging steps. However, they still follow their passion and roadmap gradually. Almost every successful streamer has created their own content style and attracted their audience.

One of the challenges is experimenting with content and constantly innovating with new ideas. Having few or even zero viewers can be demotivating, but everyone, including famous streamers, has been in that position.

2. Maximize the Available Equipment, and Have the Right Tools (Like Eklipse)

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The second live streaming basics are about using any resource you had at the time.

When starting live streaming, you don’t need to have advanced equipment like a streaming PC to become the best streamer. In fact, most creators start with whatever devices they have and gradually upgrade while learning.

Having the right tools can also help you grow as a successful streamer. One example of such a tool is Eklipse.

It can automatically clip your streams, saving you the hassle of scrolling through your VOD to find the perfect clip for your social media. Additionally, it can transform your landscape videos into vertical format, allowing you to expand your presence on platforms like TikTok. And the best part? All of these features are available for free!

In addition to having reliable hardware and software, beginner streamers also need to understand encoding settings, platform selection, game selection, and copyright issues.

3. Consistency in Content, Schedule, and Quality

Once you have the necessary equipment, the next step in live streaming basics is about content. If you choose game-related content that provides up-to-date information, you need to offer a unique angle and keep it current. However, if you opt for evergreen content, it requires time for production and gaining attention.

The key is to be consistent in creating content and maintaining its quality. This is what gives your audience a reason to follow your channel. Besides content consistency, consistency in terms of scheduling is also crucial. While some creators aim for viral content, StoneMountain64 suggests creating content with long-term value. Viral content may gain popularity quickly but fades away after a short time.

4. Find Your Niche

The fourth thing in live streaming basics is about finding your own niche.

Choosing and finding a niche cannot be done in a day. It requires research and experimentation. A niche refers not only to the subject matter but also how you deliver and present the content on the screen.

There are thousands of niches, ranging from various games to specific categories within those games. You can choose to become a professional gamer, an entertainer, an explainer of gameplay strategies, or provide advice and tips, among other options.

Keep in mind that if you choose a mainstream game, competition will be tougher because famous streamers will already dominate it. It is recommended to select a niche game with fewer competitors, especially among renowned creators who discuss it.

For instance, Stodeh, a Twitch streamer, excels in shooting games like Battlefield 2042. He consistently plays that FPS game, attracting the attention of over 200K viewers on Twitch and gaining 250K+ subscribers on YouTube.

5. Focus on a Single Platform

Admittedly, focusing on a single platform is essential. However, diversifying across multiple platforms can also expand your audience reach. For example, if you feel comfortable on Twitch but have many friends on Facebook, you can try live streaming on Facebook occasionally or share offline content.

It is recommended to primarily focus on one platform for production efficiency. However, there’s nothing wrong with cross-platform engagement to attract a wider audience. If you choose this approach, be prepared for the additional time required for production and distribution.

6. Competitors are to be Learned from, Not Avoided

Competition among streamers is inevitable. Often, as a beginner streamer, you want to stand out and attract an audience. However, it’s important to understand that there is ample room for growth by supporting other streamers and building relationships with them.

Take Ninja as an example. Over the past five years, he has contributed to the development of the gaming and live streaming industry by bringing in many viewers to play Fortnite. His content has attracted new viewers, which in turn has benefited hundreds of other creators who have grown alongside him.

7. Build Community and Industry Connections

As a creator, creating content is crucial. However, don’t forget about your audience. Although they may seem like viewers, as content creators, we also need to build relationships with them. For example, write captions with questions or respond to all comments. Ultimately, treat them as friends who will support you in the future.

Building a community is not only important for the sustainability of your live streaming channel but also influences the industry as a whole. If you successfully build a community, the gaming and streaming industry will continue to thrive.

8. Maintain Professionalism and Reputation

It’s important to maintain strong and organic relationships with other content creators and potential viewers. When joining a new community and having knowledge to share, do so as a friend rather than someone who knows everything or a mentor.

In addition to sharing knowledge, you can collaborate with other creators. Despite being considered competitors, collaboration can lead to gaining new viewers and showcase your professionalism by mutually safeguarding each other’s reputation.

The same principle applies to sponsorships. If offered advertorials, you must position the value of your content. Building a good reputation with brands will impact your future career.

9. Create a Plan to Increase Viewership

Although streaming and live broadcasts are important activities for a streamer, they are pointless without viewers. Similarly, even if your content is excellent, you need viewers to reap the rewards of your hard work in producing quality content. So, how do you attract viewers?

Apart from having quality content, there are three basic ways to attract an audience: social media word-of-mouth promotion, SEO optimization, and advertising. Nowadays, these three can be implemented simultaneously in the digital age.

10. Balance Time Investments

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When deciding to become a game streamer, whether as a career path or just a hobby, it’s crucial to find a balance. If it’s a hobby, it shouldn’t interfere with your primary job. However, if you intend to make it your main profession, remember that it requires time and resources investment. Regardless of your choice, there needs to be a balance between content production and content analysis.


That’s all the live streaming basics every beginners should know. In summary, live streaming has become really popular and a great opportunity for new streamers. To succeed as a beginner in the live streaming world, just remember the 10 important things we talked about earlier.

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