10 Ways To Become A Better Twitch Streamer

If you’re new to streaming or a veteran, there may always be ways on how to make your Twitch stream better. From better engagement with your viewers, to getting your stream out there, here are 10 ways to become a better Twitch steamer!

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1. Interact with Your Viewers

Interaction is the key to creating a persona that help you gain (and keep) followers! If you give positive energy back to your viewers, letting them know you value the time they spend watching your streams, you will create a following. Make sure to remember who your loyal viewers are, give them shout outs during your streams, and always be open to feedback.

2. Patience and Positivity is the key

If you’ve just started out, things may seem daunting. The number of viewers you have may grow at a glacial pace. You might be wondering why you’re putting so much effort into this endeavor. What returns do you get out of it? The solution is to keep calm, stay positive and stay patient!

Be positive while streaming, and your audience will respond to that positively. Your attitude will determine whether or not your viewers keep coming back. Stressing out over low numbers will not get you anywhere and you’re more than likely to quit. Good things take time, and Twitch streaming is a game of patience. If you’re feeling burnt out, take a day or two off, and let your followers know you haven’t dropped off the grid.

3. Be Consistently Creative

Try and set yourself apart from other streamers who’re streaming what you play. Let your personality shine through during streams, and don’t try and inhabit a different persona online. People respond to genuineness and if viewers see you’re comfortable in your own skin, they’re more likely to see you for who you are. After all, you can only pretend to be someone you’re not for a limited time.

However, if you’re a good actor and you have a persona in mind, then by all means go for it!

4. Plan Your Stream Content in Advance 

We can’t stress this one enough. Planning is the key to successful and consistent streams. Plan your stream’s length, content, and target audience well in advance. Make sure you’re good to go at the time to stream. If its a new game you’re getting into, make sure you’re well aware of the mechanics, controls and a bit of the back story!

Keep a planning journal or to-do list and use it to jot down ideas. Keep it on hand during your stream to refer to, incase you don’t remember talking points.

5. Practice Your Content

You can be a good streamer with all these suggestions. To become a great streamer however, you should be well versed in the content you’re producing. This could mean becoming a better gamer, a better musician, a better baker etc. Anything you’re streaming, should be at a modicum of quality, lest you are not taken seriously.

While you don’t need to be an expert at what you’re streaming, you should at least be well versed enough to appear competent.

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6. Use A Webcam

Rather than streaming in anonymity, become more personable by showing your face! Viewers connect more with streamers when there is a level of interaction. Interacting with your viewers will help you get more invested in your streaming, as well as perhaps brightening your day!

7.Bulletproof Your Connectivity

Nothing hurts more than to have internet problems during a live stream – both for you and for your viewers on the other end. Some tips to avoid any lag are;

  1. Close any unnecessary background programs that may hog your RAM.
  2. Make sure you’re not downloading anything during your stream
  3. Make sure your Internet speed is capable of supporting live streaming
  4. Correct any lag between your audio and video through your streaming settings

8. Use Quality Graphics and Sounds

As you begin racking up the viewer count, your stream should evolve with it. Consider adding screen transitions, lobby music and overlays to your stream. This will give a professional touch to your streams, and that always goes down well with people.

9. Events, Challenges and Collabs

Yet another way to achieve epic levels of interaction with your audience, step it up a notch with events and challenges. You could do marathon streaming sessions, or ask your viewers to challenge you with streaming endeavors. Collaborate with other streamers in a bid to create inroads to their viewers as well.

10. Giveaways

The final step in how to make your Twitch stream better is to indulge in giveaways. This can range from smaller giveaways such as choosing a few lucky viewers to participate in your streams with. Or you can go big and give away merch if your budget allows. Giveaways, big or small, will without a doubt keep you getting viewers!


If you were wondering on how to make your Twitch stream better, these 10 steps will get you well on your way! If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, give some of our guides a view, such as how to link your PayPal to Twitch.

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