How to Watch TikTok on PS4: An Ultimate Guide

It’s true that streaming TikTok can provide an enjoyable escape on a hectic and exhausting day. You can do so through your phone, PC, TV, or even a console, such as PS4. Though it sounds unfamiliar, you actually can do it. Curious about how to watch TikTok on PS4? We got cover your back.

Just so you know that PS4 is multifunction stuff. You can play games there, stream through it, and even watch your favourite video on a certain platform. However, the method is a bit different as you try to connect TikTok to other tools. Let’s just see what you can do to enjoy TikTok on PS4.

What You Need To Prepare

Before we jump to the tutorial, it’ll be better if you know what stuff you need to prepare. Without any further ado, here are the things:

  • A TV to connect with the console
  • PlayStation 4
  • A headphone or headset
  • Internet connection

Make sure that you got those four significant things. Once you are ready, let’s move over to the tutorial

Know-How To Watch TikTok On PS4

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It’s super easy to see TikTok videos through your PlayStation 4. All you need to do is make sure that you have a stable internet connection. This plays a very important role here. Then, just follow the directions below.

  1. Connect the PS4 to your TV or other screens
  2. Connect your headset or headphone to the TV
  3. Once it’s connected, you’ll see the main menu on the screen
  4. Then, go to the Library option
  5. Head to the search box and type “Internet Browser”, and press Enter on your keyboard or the ‘X’ button on your stick
  6. Next, click on the internet browser icon, and it’ll open
  7. On the URL box, type TikTok and you’ll be automatically directed to the TikTok website
  8. Then, you’ll see TikTok home full of interesting videos
  9. You can choose to only enjoy it without login in, or by logging in
  10. Finally, you can find any TikTok video that you wish to enjoy

Voila! Now, you can freely enjoy the video on TikTok. It’s quite simple to watch TikTok through PS4, right? You don’t need any special tool such as a capture card, or anything.

In addition to that, since PS4 doesn’t really have the purpose to be something you can use to watch the video, you’ll find it a bit slow in processing the video. Especially if you have an unstable internet connection. You can also watch the video on other platforms, like YouTube, or just enjoy the video as you normally would.

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This article has given you a clear and straightforward tutorial on how to watch TikTok on PS4. Despite this method being rarely used, doesn’t mean you can try it. What do you think about it? Are you sure you want to spend your time watching the TikTok video through the console? Leave the comments below.

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