TikTok Affiliate Marketing: Get To Know About It

We all know how fast TikTok has grown lately. Everyone use this popular platform to share any fun moment or just to share about their creativity. Aside from that, many users tend to monetize their accounts to earn money. However, did you know you must join TikTok affiliate marketing in order to do so?

It’s basically similar to affiliate marketing on other platforms. This kind of thing will help you to earn more advantage through your account. Nevertheless, this article is going to give you a comprehensive explanation of what affiliate marketing on TikTok is and how it works. So, just stay tuned.

Know More About TikTok Affiliate Marketing

TikTok affiliate marketing is an activity you do on social media that aimed to monetize the audiences by attaching affiliate links in your videos. Other than that, you can also add an external blog or social platform to promote.

Affiliate marketing will work when you have succeeded to promote products, brands, or services. Meaning that every time people buy the things you’re promoting, you’ll get some commission from each purchase or simply just by clicking the link.

This concept has no different to affiliate marketing on other platforms basically. But what makes TikTok affiliate marketing special is, this is very new, thinking that TikTok has appeared in just 2016. Unlike Facebook or Twitter which needs a longer time to let you do so.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Status on TikTok

A Quick Guide to Making Money on TikTok for SMBs | FastComet
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It’s quite easy to get affiliate marketing status on TikTok. You only need to do several steps that we give you below. Here’s what you can do:

  • Then, go to your profile by hitting the “Me” button
  • Click the cart icon to go to the Shop menu
  • After that, click on E-commerce Creator Center
  • Hit Commission > Add Products
  • Next, fill in with your basic information, such as the front and back name
  • Then, Confirm your name and click Send
  • If TikTok has accepted your request, you’ll get a message like this “Congratulations, you can start selling affiliate marketing products
  • After that, click Add affiliate products
  • You’ll also get a notification whether your product is accepted or not
  • Next, follow the next instructions

How Can Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing?

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Once you have accepted affiliate marketing status, you might be wondering how you will make money from it. Once you have become a TikTok affiliate, there are several things you can do.

Use organic reach To Maximize TikTok Affiliate Marketing

The best way to make money from affiliate status marketing is by taking advantage of the organic reach as free. Right now TikTok does not have to throttle how much traffic you can get as a content creator.

TikTok will be happy to hand you tens of millions of views for free. In addition to that, here are several things if you’re going to use the organic reach:

  • Redirect traffic to another social profile
  • Link to a URL from your profile
  • Promote coupon codes/URLs in your videos
  • Add affiliate URLs to your content description

Add The External Links

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As mentioned above, adding external URLs to the TikTok profile is one of the efforts to earn money from TikTok. It makes people easier to find out what you are actually promoting. As long as you can show it clearly in your profile.

But nowadays, this is not a quite good strategy though. It’s because TikTok pushes their paid ads.

However, you can still do simple strategies to be able to do this kind of thing. Upgrade to a business account or using a bridge page are kind of good idea.

Link To Your Social Profiles

To maximize the use of affiliate marketing, you can also add your social profiles, such as YouTube, Instagram, or anything. So your followers will probably reach you easier and can find what you are promoting on your social media.

Use TikTok’s Paid Advertising

Aside from organic search, you can also use paid advertising, which is more flexible than organic search. You’ll be targeted to a specific demographic with organic search.

In addition to that, paid advertising is also has lacked. It’s only available in the beta version and only available in certain countries. So, in this case, your country might be included.


Making money through TikTok affiliate marketing is actually easy yet tricky to do. But once you have succeeded to get this, you’ll be okay with everything and just get ready to receive a lot of advantages from this feature. Good luck!

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