The Best Webcam Angle for Live Streaming in 2023: A Guide

The angle of the webcam for live streaming can be considered an indicator of how engaging your content is. A good angle also determines the quality of the stream.

If you often watch live broadcasts from game content creators on Facebook or YouTube, they usually position the webcam at eye level or even higher to show mouse and keyboard movements. There are also streamers who position the camera from the side to show their facial expressions while gaming.

So, are there any rules for webcam angles for beginner streamers? What is the ideal webcam angle for live streaming? Find out below.

Why Do Most People Use the Same Camera Angle?

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There is research on how individuals perceive camera angles when filming something or recording videos. The camera angle conveys “dynamic power.” A low angle implies vulnerability, while a high angle implies superiority.

As a result, a low angle has an effect on the audience’s sympathetic response to the person being filmed. The same goes for the opposite. However, does this angle also affect live streaming? The answer is no. Nevertheless, most streamers do position the camera at eye level or slightly higher.

Now, when deciding which angle is best, there are many things to consider. Check them out below:

Which is better: Webcam in front or on the side?

If you’re using a single monitor, you can use a webcam with a straight view in front, similar to the position of a laptop webcam. This method is most commonly used by beginner streamers.

On the other hand, if you want to place the webcam on the side, it is recommended for those who have two monitors. You can position the camera on the right or left monitor. This way, you will create a more interesting and dynamic frame.

Is the use of a tripod allowed?

Using a tripod for your webcam or camera is actually a good choice because it allows you to experiment with various placements and angles. With a tripod, you can dynamically adjust the height as well.

Webcam Angle Rules

Looking at the angle of the webcam may be one of the things people consider when starting to stream. Indeed, there are several things to consider in webcam rules, such as lighting, background, and framing. Here’s an explanation. Let’s check it out below.

1. Rules for the best lighting in live streaming

Good lighting is necessary for live streaming, and you can’t rely on natural light from the sun entering the room. Natural light fluctuates depending on the time and weather conditions.

If you want to have good lighting, the light should come from the front or the sides, not from behind. If it’s from behind, the display on the screen will create an unfavorable silhouette for streaming. Be careful with light reflections or glare that can ruin the lighting.

2. Rules for a good background

It is recommended to use a neutral-colored background, unless there is a partnership with a brand that requires you to use their background. Oh, by neutral, it doesn’t mean empty, but rather having some ornaments that are not distracting. This is to ensure that the audience’s attention is focused on you.

3. Rules for framing

In addition to adjusting the angle, lighting, and background for streaming, it is also important to consider framing. There are two things to pay attention to:

  • Minimize headroom. Make sure the distance from the top of the head to the top of the frame is not too far.
  • Position yourself in the center. Try to position the upper part of your body and your entire head within the frame when recording.


Those were some explanations and tips on setting up the angle of the webcam for live streaming. The positioning of the webcam, along with determining the angle, as well as good lighting and framing, are essential parts of streaming. If you don’t consider these things before starting your stream, the content you produce may feel futile.

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