How to Edit Facebook Live Video in 2023

Facebook Live videos are a powerful way to engage with your audience and create compelling content. However, sometimes these videos may contain unnecessary footage at the start or end, which can affect the overall quality.

If you’re wondering how to edit a Facebook Live video, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions on how to trim your live video using both Live Producer and Meta Business Suite. Let’s dive in!

Trimming Your Video Using Live Producer

If you’ve just finished a live video and want to remove unnecessary footage from the beginning or end, here’s how you can do it using Live Producer:

1. After your video has ended, select “Trim your video” from the Quick actions card.
2. Choose one of two ways to trim your video: enter specific timestamps or slide the bar under the video.
3. Once you’ve set the desired start and end points for your video, click “Trim video.”
4. You will receive a notification when your trimmed video is processed.

Trimming Your Video Using Meta Business Suite

With Meta Business Suite, you can also easily trim your live videos by following these steps:

1. Go to Meta Business Suite and navigate to the Content tab in the left navigation bar.
2. Click on Post type and select “Live” from the drop-down menu to view your published live videos.
3. Locate the specific video that you want to edit and click on the three-dots icon, then select “Edit post.”
4. In the Live Producer dashboard that opens up, choose “Trim your video” from the Quick actions card.
5. Similar to using Live Producer, enter timestamps or slide the bar under the video to set new start and end points.
6. Once you’re satisfied with the trimming, click “Trim video,” then wait for a notification once processing is complete.

The ability to trim live videos directly within these platforms allows for seamless editing without having to rely on third-party software.


Having an understanding of how to edit Facebook Live videos empowers creators and businesses alike with greater control over their content quality. By utilizing tools such as Live Producer and Meta Business Suite, you can easily enhance your live videos by removing unwanted segments before sharing them with your audience.

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