Is Facebook Gaming Still Worth It? 5 Advantages You Should Know

Many people are now competing to become professional game streamers. However, many are still confused when it comes to choosing a platform to share their gaming content.

Despite Twitch and Kick being the most popular streaming platforms in the industry, Facebook Gaming can also be your top choice. There are various advantages to being a Facebook Gaming streamer that you will gain.

1. Attracting a Large Audience

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As a major and influential platform, Facebook’s presence cannot be underestimated. Its Daily Active Users (DAU) are quite high, so it’s always populated with users.

Moreover, Facebook Gaming is already well-known. The live streaming platform, launched around 2018, has become a gathering place for gaming communities and creators worldwide.

With that in mind, it’s highly likely that the content you broadcast will receive significant engagement. Although it may not instantly go “viral,” at least the content you create can capture the attention of other users.

2. Greater Promotional Opportunities

Another advantage that makes Facebook Gaming superior to YouTube and other platforms is the greater promotional opportunities it offers.

When you first create an FB Gaming account and share content there, the posts you send will be delivered by Facebook to the community timeline or other users. You are also given the freedom to share that content with groups you follow.

Since this is Facebook, it’s effortless for users to reshare your posts on their Facebook timelines. They can also share those posts on other social media platforms.

As a result, your channel will reach a wider audience. Moreover, it becomes easier for you to target a niche and specific viewers once you know who enjoys your game content.

3. Virtual Reality Opportunities (VR)

Since Facebook owns Oculus, a product of its own family, Meta, you can directly set up streaming using Virtual Reality (VR) mode.

VR mode is currently trending among technology enthusiasts and gamers, so many are willing to spend money to buy VR devices for a more immersive gaming experience. So, if you enjoy playing VR games, Facebook Gaming is the place to be.

4. Partnership Benefits (Facebook Gaming Partnership)

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Your popularity as a Facebook game streamer is skyrocketing, and you already have a strong audience base. If that’s the case, it’s time to join the Facebook Gaming Level Up Program. The FB Gaming Level Up Program is a prestigious program dedicated to Facebook creators. Here, you can live stream games in Full HD mode at 60 FPS.

What’s more, creators accepted into this program will have access to Fans Subscription (paid fan subscriptions) and Facebook Stars to earn money. However, if you’re just starting out on FB Gaming, don’t be discouraged.

This program is not exclusive to senior creators only. Beginner creators can also participate.

5. Mobile Streaming

Lastly, one of the advantages of being a Facebook Gaming streamer is the flexibility to live stream using various devices. You’re not required to go live using a PC; instead, you can live stream the best games through a more practical Android phone. Just download Facebook, log in via your phone, and start live streaming.


Becoming a Facebook Gaming streamer offers advantages like attracting a large audience, greater promotional opportunities, VR streaming capabilities, partnership benefits, and the flexibility to stream games using mobile devices. So, are you interested to join this platform?

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