How does the Twitch algorithm work?

If you’ve just started streaming on Twitch, you probably have a burning question: How does the Twitch algorithm operate? There’s no singular method to expand your Twitch channel; you need to recognize patterns, experiment with diverse strategies, fine-tune them, and find what works best.

Effectively promoting your stream and expanding your Twitch channel on various online platforms without being overly promotional is crucial. Today, we’re here to provide some insights so you can start gaining followers and make a splash on Twitch!

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The Twitch Algorithm: How does Twitch Recommended Channels Work?

If you wonder how to become popular on Twitch, then you have to learn about Twitch algorithm. The Twitch algorithm is now a nuanced and streamer friendly system. For the past year, it has worked on a concept of recommendations to help streamers connect with audiences and optimize the overall platform experience for all. This however, wasn’t always the case.

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Before the update, users only saw streams with the highest viewers on their home pages. This meant that a lot of new streamers or those not fully established, missed out on crucial viewership.

Thankfully the new update has put new streamers on a more equal footing with Twitch veterans! An optimized experience means new viewers have a far greater variety of streamers to watch, which in term means up and coming streamers can grow their community!

How to be visible on Twitch

So we’ve learned about the Twitch algorithm. But how to grow a Twitch following?

There are various factors to consider when you’re looking to be visible on Twitch and to ensure that the Twitch algorithm knows you exist!

Primary Factor – Rank

Though we mentioned that the new algorithm is far more forgiving on new streamers, fact remains that views are king. User engagement drives your rank, and as far as the new algorithm goes, rank is still how your visibility will be dependent on. This means, take it slow!

Don’t expect to be at the top of the pile within your first week. Good content and consistent streaming, and good word of mouth in your personal circles will help you drive up your rank!

Your Streaming Brand

Streaming on Twitch is all well and good, but when trying to figure out how the Twitch algorithm works, you need to focus on your off-Twitch visibility. Your branding as a streamer is just as important off-Twitch, which means you need to seriously consider using multiple online forums to compound your Twitch persona.

Firstly, consider using Discord and Reddit to interact with streaming audiences. A healthy back and forth with viewers means you can fine tune your streams to what the viewer desires.

Secondly, post your streams to social media. Facebook, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and even TikTok videos can help you reach greater audiences. You can then divert viewership from these platforms to your primary Twitch channel!

Interact with viewers during streaming

Interaction with audiences, will ensure that your chat box is never empty! A flowing chat box will ensure the algorithm picks up on the popularity of your stream, meaning that it will suggest your stream to a wider audience.

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Ask viewers questions, whether direct or rhetorical. Reply to their comments, have a healthy back and forth and you will invite greater viewership. Additionally, try and follow a streaming schedule so that the people form a habit pattern with watching your streams. Ensure you’re reminding your audiences when your next stream is.

Fine tune your Category

Streams on Twitch are segregated into categories. This plays into how the Twitch algorithm works, and whether you will be discoverable or not. The content you put out should be catered to a specific category and should not waver. You should ideally figure out what that category attracts and try and mold your streams to fit the audience perspective.

Streaming niche

Your streaming niche will also determine how the Twitch algorithm works. Depending on the types of games you stream/play, the algorithm will recommend those games and genres to viewers who view similar games. You thus have a greater chance of being discovered.

PUBG and Fortnite may be all the rage, but if you’re a new streamer trying to break into the market, it will be super saturated. These are some of the most common games to stream and you’ll have a hard time sticking out. You should ideally focus on games that are on the fringe of popularity, build up a loyal following, and then move your way towards the more popular games.

Obviously, no one is telling you to stop playing Fortnite or PUBG, but they shouldn’t be your singular focus. By that time, the Twitch algorithm will have hopefully started placing you higher on the list, thanks to your existing viewership.

Your Personality!

How you stream is as important as what you stream! The Twitch algorithm will be drawn to feature those channels where the streamer is talkative, humorous and interactive. This will ensure that the algorithm will feature your streams in humor categories as well as gaming categories.

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Target complete stream viewers

Lastly, keep your audiences engaged to the point where they stick with your entire stream. This will ensure that the number of complete stream views on your channel are high. The Twitch algorithm will determine that your streams are engaging viewers till the end, therefore recommending it to others.


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