How Much is a Rose Worth on TikTok Live? Real Price of The Most Common TikTok Gift

Roses are red, violets are blue, and a rose on TikTok is only a single coin or two! That’s right, a rose is one of the most common and affordable gifts on TikTok. But How Much is a Rose on TikTok in real money?

TikTok remains highly popular, drawing more users daily for the latest trends. The app includes live streaming, where eligible users can interact with followers in real time. Viewers comment and can donate via virtual gifts, like stickers or AR effects. These gifts are purchased using TikTok coins, bought with real money in the in-app store.

Roses are a common gift during TikTok Live. Each costs a specific number of TikTok coins. Let’s see the value of a rose. In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions about how much is a rose on TikTok.

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How Much is a Rose on TikTok?

how much is 500 roses on tiktok
how many diamonds is a rose on tiktok

A TikTok Rose gift is worth 1 TikTok coin. Getting 1 TikTok coin costs about 1.4 cents in the US. That means 1 TikTok Rose is around 1.4 cents.

Now, let’s figure out the cost of 500 roses on TikTok. With the same coin price, 500 roses equal $6.49.

And if you’re wondering about 1,000 roses on TikTok, it’s like having 1,000 TikTok coins, which would be about $12.98.

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What Are TikTok Roses and How Do They Work?

TikTok Roses are virtual currency bought in the app to support creators, like Twitch’s Bits or YouTube’s Super Chat. They let viewers show appreciation and back creators. Sending Roses is like giving virtual money, which can be turned into real cash.

Roses boost engagement and support for creators by giving viewers a concrete way to help them. Creators use Roses in various ways, such as rewarding participants in challenges or sharing exclusive content with Rose senders. Some even fundraise for charity with them.

Viewers buy Roses with real money in the app and give them to creators they like. More Roses means a creator’s content is more visible, helping them reach a bigger audience.

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Complete TikTok Coin Price List

how much is 1,000 roses on tiktok
How much is a rose on tiktok live

What is the value of each gift on Tiktok live? Let’s see the summary of the value of Tiktok live gift coins from the lowest to the highest or most expensive below:

  • Tennis: 1 
  • Love Latter: 1
  • Football: 1
  • GG: 1
  • Mini Speaker: 1
  • Coffee: 1
  • Ice Cream Cone: 1
  • Barbell: 1
  • Rose: 1 
  • TikTok: 1
  • Pandas: 5
  • Heart Finger: 5
  • Mic: 5
  • Hi: 5
  • Magic Letter: 7 
  • Hand Waving: 7 
  • Bottle of Hope: 9
  • Snowboard: 9
  • Gamepads: 10
  • Lollipops: 10 
  • Perfume: 20 
  • Mirror: 30
  • Donuts: 30
  • Origami: 99
  • Hat: 99
  • Crown: 99 
  • Heart: 100
  • Confetti: 100
  • Butterfly: 169
  • Musical Notes: 169
  • Witch’s Hat: 177
  • Heart: 199
  • Glasses: 199
  • Ski Goggles: 199
  • Padlock and key: 199
  • Glasses: 199
  • Rock n’ roll: 299
  • Bridal Veil: 299
  • Boxing Gloves: 299
  • Balloon Joget: 300
  • Tumpeng Rice: 300
  • Campfire: 388
  • Sweet Dreams: 399
  • Swing: 399
  • Necklace: 400
  • Marine trap: 400
  • Coral: 499
  • Money Rain: 500
  • Ice Machine: 538
  • Record Player: 600
  • Love Balloon: 699
  • Goose: 699
  • Shoes: 700
  • Pearl: 800
  • Train: 899
  • Gold Mine: 1000
  • Mirror Flower: 1000
  • Fireworks: 1088
  • Gaming Chair: 1200
  • Bombom Car: 1288
  • Flower Arrangement: 1500
  • Champion: 1500
  • Drinking Time: 1777
  • Tree House: 1799
  • Fast Boat: 1888
  • Magic Album: 1999
  • Makeup Box: 1999
  • Autumn Candle: 1999
  • South Korea: 2020
  • Music Box: 2399
  • Travel: 2888
  • Motorcycle: 2988
  • Old Famous Car: 2999
  • Superstars: 2999
  • Ringworm: 3000
  • Spilled Flowers: 4000
  • Pirate Ship: 4888
  • Private Jet: 4888
  • Pool Party: 4999
  • Submarine: 5199
  • Airplane: 6000
  • Race Car: 7000
  • Match Trophy: 7999
  • Yachts: 9888
  • Aquarius: 9999
  • Interstellar: 10000
  • Planets: 15000
  • Rocket: 20000
  • Lion: 29999
  • TikTok Universe: 34999 

In addition to coins, the reactions given by the live audience also have a coin value. They are as follows. 

  • Laugh: 19
  • Amazing: 19
  • Party: 29
  • Cute: 29

How Much is The Price of TikTok Coins in Gift TikTok Live?

How much is 1 lion on TikTok worth?

Then how much is the TikTok gift. This is the price of dollar coins for Tiktok Live:

  • 100 coins – $1.29
  • 500 coins – $6.49
  • 2,000 coins – $26.99
  • 5,000 coins – $66.99
  • 10,000 coins – $134.99

According to the price list above, we can calculate how many roses you will get for $100 on TikTok. With this amount of money, you’ll be able to obtain about 7,000 coins, or in other words, it brings you 7,000 roses. More or less.


1. How much are gifts worth on TikTok?

The prices of TikTok gifts vary, ranging from as low as $0.012 to as high as $500.

2. How much is 1 lion on TikTok worth?

On TikTok, the lion gift costs 29,999 coins, which equates to about $400 US dollars.

3. How much do you get paid for TikTok live gifts?

With these gifts, the creator gets a cut of the amount they cost, with a daily limit of a $1,000 withdrawal, though some creators can make thousands during just one TikTok Live.

4. What are roses for on TikTok?

The Rose stands out as a popular choice among TikTok viewers who wish to express their appreciation to live stream creators. Each Rose gift comes with a specific in-app coin price, with one coin equivalent to an estimated 1.4 US cents.

5. How to earn money from TikTok?

There are several ways to earn money from TikTok, such as:

  • Enroll in the TikTok Creativity Program.
  • Market and sell merchandise.
  • Engage with viewers during live sessions to receive virtual gifts.
  • Establish affiliate partnerships.
  • Develop in-feed advertisements.
  • Fund projects through crowdfunding.
  • Gather tips from your audience.
  • Offer subscription services through platforms like Patreon.


In conclusion, the Rose is a popular gift on TikTok Live, and it represents 1 TikTok coin. This may sound small, but it’s a meaningful way of showing support.

So, to answer the question how much is a rose on TikTok, 500 Roses would cost you about $6.49, and if you’re wondering about 1,000 Roses, that would be around $12.98.

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