How to Become a Female Streamer: A Guide

how to become a female streamer
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Are you a female streamer that want to expand your channel? Whether you are just starting out or already has quite a number of following, you may want to know how to get popular on twitch as a girl. Here’s a  guide on how to become a female streamer and get many fans.

Professions related to the game industry are now starting to develop and are starting to appear a lot.

Starting from esports athletes, game developers, to content creators of games that are now starting to appear a lot. There are also many types of game creator content, for example game streamers and even gaming TikTok creators.

Talking about streamers, this profession is now very much loved by the millennial generation. But there are still many who don’t really understand the basics of streaming games. That’s why we have made this article for you. Check out the tips below!

1. How to Become a Female Streamer by Being Communicative

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Great communication skills are very important for a streamer. Therefore, it is necessary to practice public speaking to be able to convey everything clearly.

In addition, being communicative can make the content more enjoyable for the audience. With that said, make sure that you have an interesting personality as well. Afterall, you wouldn’t want anyone watching your stream to feel a bland atmosphere around them. That’s why communication skills are very handy.

To help you with this, you can watch other female streamers for reference. Try to see what works for them so that you can get an idea of how to maintain an audience.

2. How to Become a Female Streamer by Understanding Gaming Terms

how to become a female streamer

Other than just playing games, of course a streamer must also understand the terms in the games they play. This is solely to make the audience not confused while watching the stream.

By understanding the terms in the game, as a streamer, you can also transfer information to the audience. If you’re having trouble with this, you can look up some gaming terms in that particular game’s community or even Reddit.

3. Understand SEO

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an effort to optimize streaming pages to be able to get top rankings. You can do this in various ways, for example playing games that are popular and using titles that are easy to find.

In addition, you should also use keywords that are appropriate so that it will boost your channel easier. You can either do your own research or hire a freelance SEO specialist to assist in optimizing your content.

4. How to Become a Female Streamer by Promoting Your Stream

how to become a female streamer

Promote streaming sites or channels on every social media you have. The goal is that the more you promote, the more likely the number of viewers will increase drastically.

5. Understand the Audience

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Make sure to always pamper streaming viewers by thanking them and always reading comments from viewers. Always present exciting conversations with the audience to create a fanbase.

6. How to Become a Female Streamer by Joining the Streaming Community

how to become a female streamer by joining community
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The problem that new streamers often face is the difficulty of getting the attention of potential viewers. This happens because new streamers are usually too focused on streaming and forget to socialize with other streamers and their community.

If you are a new streamer, the first thing you should do is join some other streamer community. Make sure the community you choose is in accordance with your target audience. If you are planning to stream PUBG games, make sure you engage with a similar game streaming community.

From this community you can learn about the habits of streamers and their subscribers. Another goal is to get to know and bond with the community.

7. Test Your Streaming Results First

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Just before streaming, record yourself. See how you look in front of the camera, make sure your audio works well and the game you are going to play runs smoothly.

After offline checking is complete, stream with a second streaming account that is private and has no followers. The goal is to ensure that streaming can run smoothly without interruption.

Often the sound or display of games in a stream is problematic. To fix this you have to change some of the settings you use.

If you have to make changes to settings, make sure you record any changes you make. Apply the changes to your main account before you stream.

8. Don’t Let Dead Air in Your Stream

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Dead air is a radio term when a radio broadcast does not emit any sound either from the announcer or the music. Even if you’re not broadcasting the radio, you can’t allow dead air in your stream.

Many people underestimate this and think that streaming is an easy activity. But when the live stream started, these people were mostly silent in front of the camera. Make sure you don’t make mistakes because dead air will only bore your viewers and leave your stream.

Learn how to create topics and flow conversations before going live. Plan what you will talk about later. You can talk about your actions in the game or the reasons why you chose a character. You can also talk about what things make you interested in a game you play.

These things will provoke your interaction with the audience. The higher your engagement with viewers, the longer they will spend watching your stream.

9. Music as a Stream Saver

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No matter how well you plan what topics you will talk about in front of the camera, dead air is still difficult to avoid. To help with this, make sure you have music in stock for the background sound so that the dead air can be disguised.

But remember, your conversation is still the main value of your stream, not the sound of the music!

10. Fill Your Streaming Profile Completely

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If you don’t fill out your profile completely, viewers will think you’re not very active in streaming. This will make them think twice before clicking the “follow” or “subscribe” button.

Complete your streaming profile with important information about yourself, such as; a brief explanation of your streaming content, streaming rules, social media links you use and also donation links. Make your streaming profile as professional as possible.


So, that’s about how to become a female streamer and gain popularity easily. In addition, you can also attract audience by uploading your gaming highlights to your channel.

To do so, you can use Eklipse, a powerful AI that is able to automatically clip your highlights from your live stream. With Eklipse, you don’t have to manually crop your highlights and edit them in a video editor. Just keep playing and let Eklipse do all the work for you.

Afterwards, you can also add music, effects, transitions, and many more using Eklipse Studio. Don’t miss out on being able to create the best highlight easily!


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