5 Tips on How to Become A Successful Streamer


Interested in becoming a streamer? Here’s a guide on how to become a successful streamer that’ll help you get started!

Becoming a professional game streamer now seems to be one of the favorite jobs for the millennial generation.

Apart from being able to channel your hobby of playing video games, being a professional streamer can also bring you a lot of money.

A legit leak said that the top 100 Twitch streamers like xQc can earn up to million dollars in one month!

But before becoming a successful streamer, make sure you first understand the ins and outs of the streaming world before jumping into it.

We have summarized 5 tips that can help you to become a game streamer, check this out!

1. Make Sure You Have Recording Equipment

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Some of the tools that a game streamer must have are a PC/laptop, microphone, camera, gaming headset, and a green screen.

This equipment is a must-have if you want to be a streamer.

Start with cheap equipment first or you might borrow one.

If you already have enough income, the equipment can be upgraded to a better one.

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2. Qualified PC/Laptop Specifications

Before starting to play, a streamer must also look at the performance of his PC/laptop.

Play games that match PC/laptop specifications and don’t overload your PC/laptop with games that have AAA graphics.

Start by playing games with simple but fanciful graphics like Among Us or Age of Empire.

If from the beginning you already have a PC/laptop with good specifications, it is highly recommended to play games with AAA graphics because they can attract a lot of viewers.

3. Communicating With the Audience

how to become a streamer in 2022

One of the keys to success as a game streamer apart from mastering certain games, communication skills are very important in attracting viewers.

Always invite the audience to participate in the interaction in the game being played.

Sometimes it is necessary to come up with humor that can make the audience laugh.

In addition, don’t forget to always read the comments written by the audience in the live chat.

4. Playing Popular Games

how to play jinx league of legends

Popular games like Fortnite, Valorant, and Dota 2 have more fans or viewers than other games.

Also make sure to always provide tips, tricks, or reviews on these games to attract more viewers.

Playing Free to Play games like the example above can also save you a bit of money, considering that the price of the game is currently very high.

5. Smooth Internet Network and Playing Hours

how to become a streamer

The internet network is an important element of the streamer, so make sure to choose the best internet service provider according to the area where you live.

Also, pay attention to playing hours. In general, 7-10 pm is the time with the highest traffic for a streamer around.

With that information, make sure you already start your stream half an hour before to ensure that your broadcast ready when most of the viewers wanted to watch something

At that hour, if the network is bad, don’t force it to live stream because it will affect the streaming quality.

Bonus Tips: Upload Your Best Highlights to Attract More Viewers

Live streams are going to be your community’s favorite way of consuming your content, but sometimes life just gets in the way. That’s where Eklipse comes in handy!

Eklipse is a powerful AI tool that is automatically able to capture your highlights. In addition, you can also compile your highlights into one video and edit them to your heart’s content afterward.

Highlights are a great way to keep these people engaged and watching your content when they log in, even if you aren’t there.

Giving them the option to watch a highlight of the live stream they just missed not only makes it less likely for them to go watch some other streamer that happens to be online.

Also, it increases the chance of them actually to showing up the next time you’re live, once they see how much fun your last broadcast was. 

Also, when you highlight regularly, your followers can see what they have missed. Seeing highlights from you will remind them to stop by your channel more often.


So, that’s 5 tips on how to become a successful streamer. Aside from the tips above, it’s also important to consider your target audience and choose the best platform for streaming.

For more comprehensive guide on becoming a prominent streamer, give our article a read by clicking here: Streaming Tips For Beginner: A Complete Guide.

We hope this guide is useful for you. Stay tuned to Eklipse blog for more streaming tips and tricks!

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