How to Get Royalty-Free Music for Streaming

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Imagine that you are streaming on Twitch or some other streaming platform and everything is going well for you. But then suddenly, you get a copyright strike on your stream and now your whole stream is demonetized. The reason? You used a non-royalty-free track in your stream. If you want to avoid this issue, read our guide on how to get royalty-free music for streaming.

Streaming platforms like Twitch have strict community guidelines in place. These rules involve the use of music as well. To become a successful streamer, you need to know about royalty-free music and how you can get them for your streams.

What is royalty-free music?

The term “royalty-free” refers to the fact that the person using the intellectual property (whether they are photos, video, or music) doesn’t have to pay a royalty for the product. So, royalty-free tracks are those that don’t belong to you but you can freely use them in your streams without the threat of a copyright strike.

Many creators are producing royalty-free music that you can use in your videos and gaming streams on Twitch and other platforms. Some of these services might require you to pay a fixed fee for giving you access to a library of royalty-free music tracks.

How to avoid copyright strikes when using music?

To avoid copyright strikes on your videos and gaming streams, you need to use tracks that:

  • You own (produced yourself)
  • Are royalty-free
  • You have bought the rights to (usually by paying a royalty fee)

Different music creators have different rules and regulations in place for allowing you to use their tracks. Some might require to pay royalty-free for using their tracks while others such as Kevin MacLeod especially produce royalty-free music for use in videos. Below, we have provided some of the best sources for royalty-free tracks for your streaming purposes.

Royalty-free music for streaming

Here are the top 5 best sources for royalty-free music for streamers:

1. Streambeats

Harris Heller, the artist behind Streambeats is a messiah when it comes to royalty-free music for streamers. You’ve probably heard of his name already. He also runs a YouTube gaming channel by the name of Alpha Gaming. Besides his gaming endeavors, he founded StreamBeats, a royalty free-music source for Twitch streamers.

Source: Shazam

Streambeats is the best choice for any streamer looking for royalty-free tracks to add to their streams. Streambeats has over 1,000 tracks that are spread across 10 different genres such as lofi, synthwave, EDM, rock, and chill step. You will find plenty of unique tracks for your endeavors on Streambeat’s albums.

2. Soundtrack by Twitch

If you are a Twitch streamer, you might want to go for an option provided to you by Twitch itself. Twitch had a copyright-free music library by the name of Twitch Music Library. But it was shut down in 2019. Recently, Twitch has launched a new music library by the name of Soundtrack by Twitch.

Source: Twitch

This new music library has a vast collection of royalty-free tracks from indie artists. They have a variety of music genres such as rock, chilled electronic, lo-fi hip-hop, and reggaetón. This music library is updated quite regularly by Twitch. New tracks will be added with time. Currently, the library offers 40 unique music playlists that you can add to your gaming streams.

Though, there are some issues to consider when you are using this service. Soundtrack by Twitch isolates your music and strips it from your VODs. This means that while the music will be playing on streams, it will be muted when you produce your VODs. Thankfully, your audio will still be there but without music, viewers might find the clips less interesting.

You also can’t search for music or create your own playlist on Soundtrack by Twitch.

3. Jingle Punks Music

Jingle Punks Music is provided to you by Streamlabs Prime. If you purchase their premium plan, you will get access to the Jingle Punks music library. This music library offers over 100,000 unique tracks in over 100 different categories. You can easily find a track that suits your gaming niche.

Source: The Music Network

A great thing about using this as a Twitch streamer is that it is specifically made for your use. You can set up the music in a way that only your audience hears it. This will come in handy when you need to focus on the game. You can also set up notification sounds for whenever the song changes.

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4. Comma Music

Comma music offers streamers thousands of tracks and genres. You can browse through their huge collection and easily find a track that suits the genre of your gaming streams. They are also the only music library that offers student plans to their customers. You can create your own royalty-free music playlist for Twitch and other streaming platforms.

Source: Comma Music

A benefit of purchasing their student plan is the high-quality music they provide. Comma music works with top industry-level composers and has tracks in multiple genres. Comma music produces music for many people. In fact, their music is used in advertisements and brand promotions.

5. OWN3D Music

Lastly, we are going to talk about OWN3D music. OWN3D already provides many facilities for streamers such as graphics, overlays, themes, and other streaming tools. Their music library is also worthy of praise. It is specifically designed for streamers who want to add copy-right free tracks to their every-day streams.

Source: Twitch

OWN3D has over 200 lo-fi tracks that you can include in your daily streams without the risk of any copyright. They plan to expand their music library and add more tracks to their streaming playlists. If you are looking for some good tracks, OWN3D’s music library will come in handy for you.


So those were some of the best sources for copyright-free music tracks for streamers. With copyright-free music, you don’t have to give credit to the owners of the tracks but it’s always nice if you do credit them.

Additionally, we suggest you to ensure that your contents are safe from getting a copyright claim. Read our article here to help you out: How to Avoid Copyright on YouTube.

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