Kick Bans Waves of Bots as Viewers Accuse Streamers of Viewbotting

After months of speculation and user concerns, Kick has finally taken measures to combat the artificial inflation of streamers’ viewer numbers through bots. The streaming platform, gaining recognition as a formidable competitor to Twitch, has been making strides by offering content creators a more favorable sub-split and securing deals with prominent streamers like xQc and Amouranth.

While Kick has faced controversies over permissible content, the issue of viewbotting has loomed large, with several streamers appearing to boast inflated viewer counts.

Kick Streamers Caught in Bot Backlash

One notable instance involves streamer N3on, accused of employing bots to boost viewer numbers when numerous accounts with a similar name spammed his chat with a Discord link. N3on is not alone in facing accusations, as Kick star Adin Ross revealed on Trainwreck’s Scuffed Podcast that he had been battling viewbotting for five to six months and had implored the platform to intervene.

Kick Bans Waves of Bots as Viewers and Warns Streamers

On December 27, Kick officially declared its crackdown on bots, cautioning streamers that their follower counts might experience a substantial drop. The site’s X account announced, “Recently, we have removed a large number of bot accounts. Any noticeable drop in your follower count is likely a result of this action. Please contact if you have any concerns.”

In response to the “Kick Bans Waves of Bots as Viewers” announcement, some users praised the platform in the comments, but others voiced ongoing issues that persisted despite the mass bans. Amid the positive feedback, there were accounts stating they felt intentionally targeted, observing little to no change in their follower counts.

Looking Ahead: Kick’s Approach to Bot Challenges in 2024

In conclusion, Kick is actively addressing viewbotting concerns on its platform. While significant steps have been taken, there remain users who feel unfairly targeted or have witnessed minimal changes despite Kick’s actions. As we step into 2024, the unfolding strategies of Kick in handling these challenges will be closely observed as the streaming wars persist, aiming to provide a fair and enjoyable experience for all users.

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