Kick Statistics 2023: A Closer Look at the Hottest Streaming Platform


If you’re a streamer, then you probably already know about – the newest player in the streaming scene.

In this article, we’ll dive into some interesting Kick statistics for Q1 2023 that you might find helpful in growing your audience.

Kick Statistics 2023: The Most Popular Categories

According to Stream Charts, the most popular categories on Kick in Q1 2023 were Slots & Casino and Just Chatting. This isn’t surprising given Kick’s more relaxed rules on gambling-related content.

The Most Popular Game on Kick

The most popular game on Kick statistics in Q1 2023 was Grand Theft Auto V, with most streams coming from RP servers. This trend is in line with the rising popularity of role-playing games in the streaming world.

The Top Viewed Channels on Kick

Adin Ross was the most viewed channel on Kick statistics 2023, followed by Roshtein and Trainwreck. Interestingly, no game-focused streamers were in the top 10 most viewed Kick channels. This suggests that Kick’s lenient rules on gambling content may be more attractive to non-game streamers.

Record-Breaking Broadcasts on Kick

Most streamers set their records during broadcasts in the Just Chatting and Slots & Casino categories. This further confirms the popularity of gambling-related content on the platform.

Kick Statistics 2023: Peak Viewership

Adin Ross also held the top spot for peak viewership, with 125.1K viewers watching one of his broadcasts simultaneously. This is a remarkable achievement, considering that Adin Ross has only been on the platform for a few months.

Kick’s Controversial Rules on Gambling and Virtual Casinos

Kick has made a name for itself by allowing streamers to showcase gambling and virtual casinos on their channels – something that Twitch strictly prohibits. This has had a massive impact on Kick’s popularity, especially with streamers who have been banned or suspended from Twitch for similar content.

Should I Stream on Kick in 2023?

As we’ve seen from the Kick statistics 2023, this platform is definitely gaining popularity in the streaming world.

But does that mean you should consider streaming on Kick in 2023?

The answer ultimately depends on your goals and content. If your content revolves around gambling or virtual casinos, then Kick’s more relaxed rules may make it an attractive platform for you.

However, if you’re a game-focused streamer, you may find that Kick’s audience is more geared towards non-game content. It’s also worth noting that Kick is a newer platform that’s still evolving.

While it’s gained popularity quickly, there may be changes or updates to the platform’s rules or features that could impact your content and audience engagement strategies.

With the platform’s rising popularity and more relaxed rules on gambling-related content, it’s definitely worth considering as part of your overall streaming strategy.

Final Thoughts

As Kick continues to grow in popularity, it’s important for streamers to keep an eye on the trends and statistics that are emerging.

While Kick’s more lenient rules on gambling-related content may be a draw for some, it’s important to remember that the platform is still in its infancy and there are sure to be changes and updates in the future.

Regardless, Kick is definitely a platform worth considering for streamers looking to expand their reach and explore new content possibilities.