30+ Creative Live Streaming Ideas to Excite Your Audience

What is a commentary video?
Source: Eklipse Blog - What is a commentary video?

Streaming is a fun way to entertain your audience, but coming up with creative ideas can be challenging. Here are some topics and activities that will boost engagement and keep the chat lively!

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  1. Design avatars through chat. Explore character creation with chat and let them assist you in designing your avatar.
  2. Host contests/goals. This will keep your audience engaged. You can set any parameters you like, including text contests or follower achievement targets. If you choose a winner, ask for their prize to be a gift or 1:1 time with you. Achieving community goals can be rewarding to your viewers by cosplaying as their favorite characters.
  3. Challenge viewers to games. Challenge them to play games like Codenames Duet, Connect 4, or Skribblio (similar to Pictionary). Make sure you have boot or mod ready to guard against someone drawing something not so PG in Skribblio.
  4. Share a story. It could be factual or fictional. It helps if you write it down beforehand and rehearse it if it’s not something you’re familiar with. It could be a ghost story or a story about a bad date you had. Mix it up a bit, like going on a bad date with a ghost.
  5. Create musical artwork. Experiment with Google’s interactive experience where you paint, and music plays according to your brush strokes and colors.
  6. Host a puzzle party. Solve picture puzzles together at various difficulty levels (easy, medium, or hard) with your viewers.
  7. Use a 3D synthesizer to drop some beats. Play around with synthesizers in three dimensions and augmented reality to program various beats while streaming. Get creative!
  8. Play the game QWOP during streaming. This is your chance to become an Olympic champion. I can’t decide whether it’s funnier with zero practice or some practice, but it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.
  9. Wear costumes or cosplay while streaming. This can be for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, or cosplay as your favorite anime/TV/film characters. You can easily turn this into a prize to win contests or achieve community goals.
  10. Play a musical instrument or sing. If you’re one of the lucky talented people who knows how to sing, go for it. If you’re like the rest of us, you can even learn to play a musical instrument over time while streaming to create a follow-along narrative.
  11. Do taste tests. Taste-testing food and drinks is always fun, but you can also make snacks. Whether it’s eating or drinking, add your opinion and review items from best to worst. Try to get rare or unusual flavors to make everything more interesting.
  12. Do unboxing. Everyone loves a good unboxing video. You can do this in-game with games like League of Legends or in real life (IRL) if you want to buy packs of trading cards, Pokémon cards, etc.
  13. Voice chat with viewers. Invite viewers to join a voice chat with you and have conversations! This one is also easily linked to rewards.
  14. Showcase your pets. If you have furry (or scaly) friends living with you, show them off! People will enjoy seeing if you and your dog have matching haircuts and appearances.
  15. Play two truths and a lie. A classic icebreaker party game. It’s a great way to break the ice and encourage lurkers to guess in the chat.
  16. Display a slideshow of pictures. Create a slideshow of your recent vacation, your pets, your family, or even your favorite classic cars. Having visuals to show while chatting with viewers can make your streaming more engaging.
  17. Interview other streamers. A great way to reach out to other streamers and collaborate with them. Find common ground to discuss, whether it’s the same game you’re streaming, living in the same city, or having a similar number of followers.
  18. Play games with other streamers. Challenge other streamers to 1v1 matches or play co-op game modes with them. This is beneficial because both of you can increase your visibility to new viewers.
  19. Arts and crafts. Around the holidays, a great way to engage is by creating on-stream decorations. It can be very relaxing and fun to do arts and crafts, or watch others do them.
  20. Community movie night. Invite your viewers to vote on which movie to watch. Twitch has built-in features in partnership with Amazon Prime Video.
  21. Play “Would You Rather” with chat. The only limit to this party game is your imagination. Simple mental exercises that encourage viewers to interact with you.
  22. Share indie games you discover. You can also occasionally play indie games that have chat-friendly voiceovers. It’s great to mix things up now and then.
  23. Discuss and vote on the next game you’ll play. Have a lively discussion about what games you’re interested in playing next, as well as what your followers would like to see you play. This can be for indie games or more mainstream ones, and it works best if you haven’t found your niche yet.
  24. Rate “best” fruits. You’ll be surprised how enthusiastic people are about fruits and their own fruit rankings. Try it out and see for yourself.
  25. Fashion show with the farthest outfits from your wardrobe. Whatever you wear, it should be a fun and lighthearted way to engage in the chat. If you used to dress gothic in high school and have kept some of your clothes, wear them.
  26. Cook your favorite dish/live from the kitchen. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your stove as you prepare something you love to eat. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can try learning a new recipe and bring it on-stream.
  27. Do Pokémon quiz. With chat, try to solve this quiz identifying the original 151 Pokémon. Can you spell all their names correctly?
  28. Invite family members or friends to join the stream. Extra points if they know nothing about streaming, and you spend the entire time explaining Twitch emotes to them. Prepare mods to protect them from trolls!
  29. Share baby photos, encourage chat to do the same. Extra points if you have an extremely awkward childhood photo of yourself.
  30. Watch your all-time top clips. You can also watch highlights from old VODs. It can be a lot of fun to do this with your audience while streaming. It’s hard to observe yourself, but you can also get valuable feedback from chat about what they liked and didn’t like about past content.
  31. Do a personality quiz. You can choose personality quizzes from TV shows, books, movies, etc.
  32. Play 20 questions with chat. A classic game for long car trips, it works great with entertaining chat.


By using these creative ideas during their streaming sessions, content creators can make the experience more interactive and enjoyable for their viewers. This can lead to more engagement, keeping followers interested, and even collaborating with other streamers!

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