Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting Beta Changes Everything about Streaming to Twitch

Twitch, OBS, and NVIDIA are set to revolutionize livestreaming with the upcoming Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting beta, fueled by the cutting-edge GeForce RTX GPUs. This game-changing feature, set to launch in just a few days, empowers streamers to elevate their content with concurrent multiple encodes, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for all spectators.

Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting Beta Program

In the current streaming landscape, content creators often find themselves at a crossroads between delivering higher resolution and maintaining a reliable streaming experience. While high-quality video enhances viewer enjoyment, it can lead to buffering for those with limited bandwidth or older devices. On the other hand, streaming lower-bitrate video facilitates smoother content delivery but introduces undesirable artifacts.

Twitch, the forefront of interactive livestreaming, addresses this challenge by providing server-side transcoding for high-performing channels. This means creating different stream versions tailored to varying bandwidth levels, enhancing the overall viewing experience. However, many channels’ audiences are confined to a single stream option.

Enter Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting: Elevating Your Streaming Prowess

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Twitch, OBS, and NVIDIA unveil Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting, set to debut in beta later this month. Leveraging the dedicated NVENC encoder in modern GeForce RTX and GTX GPUs, streamers gain the ability to broadcast up to three resolutions simultaneously, reaching a pinnacle of 1080p streaming.

As the beta progresses, testers can delve into experimenting with higher-input bit rates, explore resolutions up to 4K, engage in up to 5 concurrent streams, and harness new codecs. Among the highlights are the latest-generation AV1 codec for GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, boasting a remarkable 40% increase in encoding efficiency over H.264, and the HEVC codec for previous-generation GeForce GPUs.

Simplified Setup for Enhanced Broadcasting

Enhanced Broadcasting takes the complexity out of the equation by automatically configuring all OBS encoder settings, encompassing resolution, bit rate, and encoding parameters. A server-side algorithm orchestrates the best possible OBS Studio configuration based on the streamer’s setup, streamlining the process and ensuring the best viewer experiences without the hassle of fine-tuning settings.

Harnessing the prowess of the dedicated NVENC hardware encoder, streamers can achieve the highest video quality across streaming bitrates, all while minimizing impact to application and game performance.


Excitement awaits as Twitch opens the doors to the Enhanced Broadcasting beta later this month. Streamers can sign up today at, with enrollment based on a first-come, first-served basis. Once enrolled, creators will receive an email with detailed instructions, unlocking the potential to redefine their livestreaming experience. Don’t miss the chance!

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