Twitch: Highlights vs Clips

If you’re just starting out or a streaming veteran, here’s the lowdown on Twitch Highlights vs Clips. We’ll discuss the differences and similarities, as well as what to give preference to depending on your goals.

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Highlights vs Clips – The Differences

There is one major difference between Clips and Highlights on Twitch.

Clips are short videos that can be made by any Twitch user from a live stream or from any saved broadcast’s stream.

Whereas, Highlights are videos (of any duration) that can ONLY be created by a streamer from their saved VOD streams.

Twitch Clips

Clips are a feature on Twitch, and in a nutshell, are short segments of your current stream or a past broadcast stream. Any Twitch user can make Clips from your stream, and you can do the same with any other Twitch user.

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Clips are often the source for Twitch Streamer Moments you may see on other platforms such as YouTube. Clips are usually shorter than a minute, and thus easily shareable to other platforms.

How Long do Twitch Clips Last

Twitch Clips are permanent whether you’re a regular streamers ranging to Prime and Turbo users. You can however delete saved Clips on your channel, and Twitch may also takedown clips with copyright or terms of service infringements and violations respectively.

When to use Twitch Clips

Clips are perfect for capturing highlights or best moments from your streams! You can ideally use shorter clips where you choose the best moments yourself, and share them to your social feeds. If however, you’re looking to automate, sign up with Eklipse. Eklipse will use A.I to choose the best moments from your streams, and automatically give you the most epic Clips!

Twitch Highlights

Twitch Highlights are parts of past broadcasts on Twitch, that can be saved to your account permanently. Unlike Clips, which can be made by anyone, you need to have enabled VOD via your Twitch settings. Highlights are on average longer than Clips, and are more suited to long form video formats to be uploaded on sites like YouTube.

Twitch Highlights
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How Long do Twitch Highlight Last

Permanently! As with Clips, Highlights will last permanently for all Twitch streamers, unless deleted or taken down by Twitch.

When to use Twitch Highlights

Anytime! Highlights can help streamers promote their channel and keep their favorite/best material easily accessible to new viewers. Additionally, cross-posting their Highlights to YouTube, streamers can engage a wider amount of viewers and increase their followers!

Even if a past stream is deleted, highlights from that stream remain on your Channel. The best part however, is that viewers can catch your highlights even if they missed a live stream!


In conclusion, when it comes to Twitch Highlights vs Clips, which one should a streamer use? The answer is simple; both! To maximize your followers, and to make your channel super attractive, you should use every tool available to you!

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