Twitch Statistics 2023 – How Many Twitch Streamers Are There?


Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming platforms in the world.

With millions of users watching and streaming content, it has become a significant source of entertainment and income for many people worldwide. However, have you ever wondered how many streamers are active on Twitch?

In this article, we will explore the different Twitch statistics to answer this question.

Total Number of Active Streamers

According to Statista, Twitch statistics had approximately 7.03 million active streamers in December 2022.

This number represents the total number of people who streamed at least once in the past month. This statistic highlights the popularity of the platform and the vast number of individuals who are using Twitch to broadcast their content.

Total Number of Channels Streaming

The Future of Twitch Streaming
Source: Digital TV Europe

TwitchTracker reports that there are over 7.4 million channels streaming on Twitch each month.

This number includes both active and inactive channels, indicating that there are a large number of channels that exist but are not necessarily active.

The high number of channels demonstrates the platform’s versatility, as it provides opportunities for individuals to create content in a wide range of niches and genres.

Active Streamers with Significant Following

StreamScheme reports that there are 127,000 active streamers on Twitch, and only 6,350 channels are averaging above 5 viewers.

This statistic indicates that despite the high number of active streamers, only a small fraction of them have a significant following and can generate substantial revenue.

These statistics highlight the importance of building an engaged community and the challenge of standing out in a crowded field.

Total Number of Twitch Users

BankMyCell reports that Twitch had 31.40 million users in 2021 and is expected to reach 35.60 million users in 2024.

This increase in users implies that the number of active streamers is also likely to increase. The rise in users highlights the potential growth of the platform and the opportunity for more individuals to enter the Twitch ecosystem.

Demographics of Twitch Users

According to a source, Twitch statistics show that in 2021, approximately 41% of adult users in the United States were aged 20 to 29. Furthermore, 67% of users in the country were male.

In 2022, Twitch was dominated by users aged 25 to 34, followed by users between 16 and 24. There are more male users of Twitch, as they account for 79.79% of the entire user base, while females account for 20.21%.

Should You Start Streaming on Twitch in 2023?

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The answer to this can be pretty much relative to your expectations towards streaming overall.

We compare the best live streaming platforms for gamers in 2023, so make sure to check them out to gather more inspiration about where to start.

But to sum it up, Twitch is an ideal place to live stream your gaming content, especially with the robust support of extensions and third-party apps.

However, if you are looking to make a name for yourself in your community, we cannot say that Twitch is an ideal place.

This is because Twitch is known to have “low discoverability,” which can make it difficult for new streamers to stand out in the already-saturated platform.


In conclusion, Twitch has a massive number of active streamers and channels, indicating the platform’s popularity among content creators.

However, the majority of channels do not have a substantial following and generate minimal revenue. While the total number of active streamers is impressive, it is crucial to understand that only a small percentage of them can make a career out of streaming on Twitch.

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