Black Clover Mobile Codes All Active for January 2024

Black Clover M has taken the gaming world by storm with its free-to-play online RPG. With in-game purchases and possible events to earn more characters, players are always on the lookout for new codes to boost their gameplay experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of Black Clover M codes, including the newest list, how to redeem them, what they can offer, and where to look for future updates.

What Are Black Clover Mobile Codes?

Black Clover M codes are special combinations of letters and numbers that players can redeem within the game for various rewards such as currency, items, or new characters to add to their team.

These codes are typically released by the game developers through official channels like Twitter, Discord servers, and Facebook pages. The method for redeeming these codes is not known at this time but is expected to be a straightforward process within the game interface.

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Where Can You Find Black Clover Mobile Codes?

You still can redeem the following Black Clover M codes below:

  • BCMGACHAGAMING – Rewards include 150 Black Crystals for summoning plus 7 SSR EXP potions and 77,777 Yul currency
  • GLOBALLAUNCHON1130 – Redeem for 100 Black Crystals, 77,777 Yul, and 7 EXP potions
  • BCMXTAPTAP – Special launch code, reports indicate item drops

Other than the list above, players should keep an eye on official game channels for any announcements regarding new code releases. Like the 12 Days of Christmas codes below:

  • 26th December: BCM2COCOANIGHTS
  • 27th December: BCM3WINTERLIGHTS
  • 28th December: BCM4HEARTHFIRES

The Black Clover M Twitter account, Discord server, and Facebook page are likely places where players can stay updated on any upcoming code drops.

It’s important to be vigilant and ready to pounce when new codes are announced as they may have limited availability.

What Do Black Clover Mobile Codes Offer?

droid gamers

Black Clover M codes are expected to offer a range of rewards that can enhance the player’s in-game experience.

These rewards could include in-game currency that allows players to purchase items or upgrades, special items that provide a competitive edge in battles, or even new characters that join the player’s team with unique abilities and skills.

As more codes become available over time, players can look forward to diverse offerings that enrich their gameplay.

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How Can You Make the Most of Black Clover Mobile Codes?

When new Black Clover M codes become available in the future, players need to act quickly and redeem them as soon as possible. Given the potential limited availability of these codes and their valuable rewards, staying informed through official game channels is crucial.

Being proactive about checking for code drops on social media platforms can give players an edge in acquiring exclusive rewards before they run out.

How to Redeem Black Clover M Codes

Don’t forget to redeem those codes before they’re expired! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the game and tap your avatar
  2. Copy down the unique account AID number
  3. Go to the Events page and select Coupon Redemption
  4. When prompted enter your AID and any active code
  5. Claim your free loot from your in-game mailbox

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Strengths of Using Black Clover Mobile Codes

1. Enhanced Gameplay: Redeeming Black Clover M codes can provide valuable resources that enhance a player’s overall gaming experience.
2. Exclusive Rewards: Players have access to unique items or characters that may not be attainable through regular gameplay.
3. Community Engagement: Keeping an eye on official game channels fosters engagement within the gaming community while staying informed about updates.

Weaknesses of Using Black Glover Mobile Codes

1. Limited Availability: Some codes may have a restricted window for redemption before they expire.
2. Competitive Pressure: Players need to be vigilant and quick when it comes to redeeming newly released codes due to potential high demand.


While there are currently no active Black Glover M codes available at this time, players need to stay connected with official game channels such as Twitter, Discord servers, and Facebook pages as new code drops are anticipated shortly.

By being proactive in seeking out these codes when they become available, players stand a chance of accessing exclusive rewards that can elevate their gaming journey within the world of Black Glover M.

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