Games Done Quick: Top 5 Rare Facts (2024)

Games Done Quick is a biannual charity marathon for video game speedruns that takes place in the United States. Initially coordinated by the Speed Demos Archive and SpeedRunsLive communities, Games Done Quick, LLC, has been overseeing it since 2015. Launched in 2010, these events have successfully fundraised for various charitable causes.

Games Done Quick (GDQ) has been a charity fundraising organization for over 10 years, raising money for charity via speedrunning. Here are some key features and facts about GDQ that you might want to know.

1. High-Level Gameplay

GDQ features high-level gameplay of games from every generation of gaming history. Volunteers play games at incredible speeds for entertainment, showcasing their skills and knowledge of game mechanics.

2. Charity Fundraising

All donations made during GDQ events go directly to the chosen charity. The events are streamed live online, providing viewers with the opportunity to support a good cause while enjoying the speedrunning action.

3. Donation Incentives

Viewers can participate in donation incentives, which can include additional challenges, new content, and even quirky things like naming in-game characters. This adds an interactive element to the fundraising efforts.

4. Prevent Cancer Foundation

The most recent event, Awesome Games Done Quick 2024, is powered by Twitch and supports the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Donations made during this event contribute to the foundation’s mission of cancer prevention and early detection.

5. Community Engagement

GDQ events have garnered a dedicated community of gamers and supporters who come together to make a positive impact through their shared love for gaming.


In conclusion, Games Done Quick continues to combine the excitement of gaming with charitable giving, creating a unique and impactful experience for participants and viewers alike.

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