Hip fire in Call of Duty explained


Call of Duty has several in-game definitions that beginners might not know about. If you have just tuned in for the Call of Duty experience, you are probably struggling with all these terms. Today, I am going to explain Hip fire in Call of Duty. Knowing that will help you understand the gameplay better and eventually improve your game style. So without further ado, let’s begin.

What is Hip fire in Call of Duty?

Hip firing simply refers to shooting without aiming. As you might have guessed, this makes your shots less accurate. However, there is a benefit to using this technique. If the enemy is close to you, you don’t have to waste your time aiming for it. Just start firing.

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Call of Duty mobile provides you with aiming down sights (ADS) to allow you to be more accurate with your shots. If you are facing a target that’s far away from you, then using ADS will be the right choice. But in close quarters, hip firing is the way to go. Using ADS means there’s a slight animation delay. This can get you killed if you try to do that in close-quarter situations.

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Hip firing is poor for long-range combat. It’s hard to be precise when you are using hip fire in Call of Duty. In addition to that, you also need to switch to a weapon that has a high firing rate. Using a sniper in close-quarter situations makes no sense for your game. Instead, you will want to switch to a shotgun or a machine gun when you are hip firing.

Switching between the two modes will be the best strategy for your Call of Duty gameplay.


Hip fire in Call of Duty basically means shooting without aiming first. The technique has its pros and cons but you can use it in situations where it’s truly required.

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