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So, what is a melee master medal in cod mobile? COD Mobile has plenty of incredible medals that are given to the players as a reward for their in-game achievements. Players can avail a lot of rewards by unlocking these medals & completing the tasks in the ‘Events’ section of the game. One of these is the melee master medal.

In Season 4, one of the most well-known medals is undoubtedly the Melee master medal. The main reason why it became famous was due to the quite new melee weapon or equipment in the game, that is Sickle. To unlock the melee weapon, the players of COD Mobile have to unlock the Melee Master medal first.

Want to know more about the Melee master medal cod mobile? Well, in this article, we will summarize all the things you should know about the Melee master medal in cod mobile, including how to achieve it. So, let us begin,

COD Mobile: Tips to Get Melee Master Medal

How to get Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile - Touch, Tap, Play
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Since the Melee Master Medal is linked to acrobatics and melee hits, you should complete 4 skills using the melee weapon in the game. The basic trick for doing so is to finish your task in the Battle Royale mode. Even though finishing the task in the mode of Battle Royale seems fairly difficult, we suggest that you should try in this mode alone.

For playing solo in the Battle Royale mode, you need to choose Solo or Classic mode. Though solo mode contains different bots from BR which can enhance the possibility of getting killed with the weapons of melee. It’s possible to use the ax & kill the adversaries without taking any serious damage.

You can also use Katana for slashing your adversaries in short battles. Follow these tips and you’ll be rewarded the medal on COD mobile when you finish the task. Along with this trophy and medal, you’ll also be rewarded with a Punk Skull efficient spray. Sounds cool, right?

Benefits of having a Medal

The medal you attain will give you great benefits for a short time. Try killing a minimum of 4 enemies by using an ax or other melee weapons at least once in a match. If you do this, the Melee Master medal will definitely be yours. A great kick for the bucks! In addition, having the Melee Master medal will assist you in speeding up the progress via different challenges within COD mobile.

All in all, this is the only way to get this medal. However, if the players are facing any kind of issues while doing it, just make sure to look for a solution by research. Plus, you can also talk to any of your friends about this.


So that’s how you can unlock the melee master medal in COD mobile. Definitely try this the next time you play COD mobile with your friends or alone.

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