How to Get Nuke in Warzone 2 and Blast it Off to Win the Game!

So you want to get the nuke in Warzone 2? Well, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it’s quite difficult and will take a lot of effort to do it. 

But, it’s definitely worth the effort! Exploding a nuke in Call of Duty Warzone 2 feels so rewarding since it is often called as the pinnacle achievement that only the very best players manage to achieve!

In this blog post, we are going walk you through how to get the nuke in Warzone 2 and successfully set it up to win the game in an instant!

First: Get the Nuke Contract

champion's quest available warzone 2 nuke
After winning 5 games in a row, Warzone 2 will show this messages on your end screen

There are several things you need to do to get a nuke in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. It’s a bit tricky, so take your time and try to digest the information slowly and step by step.

The first thing to do before anything else is you need to meet the requirements that are needed to initiate the nuke contract in-game. The requirements are as follows:

  • Win five games of Warzone 2 in a row.
  • Watch the match End Screen to the end.

Once you have won 5 games in a row, you’ll have Champion’s Quest contract in the next game (the 6th game you played).

Second: Time to Set Off the Nuke in Warzone 2

Having a nuke in Call of Duty Warzone 2 will totally obliterate the match and set your team as the winner of the match! Are you excited hearing that?

Prepare yourself, since it’s going to be a long journey! To start it, let’s see the to-do-list to start setting off the Nuke in Warzone 2. After winning 5 games of Warzone 2 in a row, these are the next steps you’ll need to do:

  • Go to the yellow “Warzone” icon located on your map.
  • Locate and pick up the Champion’s Quest contract.
  • Collect three Nuke Elements.
  • Wait for the Bomb Site to be revealed.
  • Arm the Bomb with the Nuke Elements.
  • Defend the Bomb for two minutes.
  • Sit back, watch the nuke detonate, and you’ll earn Champion’s Domination.

After knowing the step-by-step on doing this, let’s breakdown on each task so you’ll know what to do and what to find in the match!

1. Go to the Champion’s Quest Contract Location

champion's quest icon on your warzone 2 map
The yellow area with Warzone icons in the map

After winning 5 matches in a row, you’ll be shown a 3 yellow “Warzone” icons in your map. Go to that place! You can land on the icon or travel to it if your plane is not going through the place.

Once you’ve reached the place, find the Champion’s Quest contract that appears as a small yellow container. 

Hover your crosshair over the yellow container and the pop-up will show with the text “Champion’s Quest: Build and Arm a Nuke. Destroy the Warzone”.

Unfortunately, taking the elements is not as easy as a pick-then-transport-it task. Each element gives a different negative status effects on you.

  • Beryllium Core (Be): Places a yellow “crown” icon on you. You’ll be visible to the enemy for the rest of the match from anywhere on the map.
  • Plutonium Core (Pu): Holding or standing in the Plutonium Core proximity will give you incremental damage over time from radiation leakage. When taken, Plutonium Core warps your field of view.
  • Titanium (T): Taking this will scramble your mini-map and Tac-Map, making it difficult to navigate.

You’ll need extra coordination and guard the Nuke elements carefully. When you die, the cores will drop and can be looted by enemy. However, you can get the Nuke Elements back by killing the enemy players carrying them.

2. Arm the Bomb

plutonium nuke elements warzone 2

Your task is not done here. When you’re done collecting all the Nuke Elements, wait until the Bomb Site is revealed. Hunker down your squad and hold your position at will!

A banner written “Bomb Site Revelead” will appear. You should see a yellow circle with a “radiation” icon at the center. Travel here to find the bomb.

Whoever carrying the Nuke Elements must place them into the bomb to start arming the bomb. Hold the interact button to arm the nuke.

3. Defend the Bomb

bomb site revealed warzone 2 nuke

Hang on it a little more, you are already close to win the game with nuke in Warzone! The last thing you need to do is defend it for two minutes after the bomb armed.

During this moment, the enemy can approach to disarm the bomb, so you must defend it at all cost! The bomb spawn location is random, so it sure be difficult to defend it, especially when the location is not at your favor.

Once the two minutes are up, the nuke detonates. The match immediately ends. Congratulations! You and your squad are declared as Warzone Champions!


Getting the nuke and setting it up in Warzone 2 is for sure a sweaty palms moment for all the Call of Duty players, even the veteran ones. But that’s it, now you know how to get the Nuke in Warzone 2 and set it off to obliterate the map and win the game immediately.

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