Twitch Affiliate vs Partner – The Differences and Similarities

twitch affiliate vs partner
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As streamers, we all want to make money off our viewers – but maybe some of us are still unsure about Twitch affiliate vs Partner and which one to choose. For those who are unfamiliar with them, Twitch affiliates and partners are the way Twitch offers to monetize your channel. Both require certain requirements before they’ll grant the desired benefits.

However, becoming a Twitch affiliate is much more easily attainable than being a Twitch partner. Join us as we explore the benefits of each status, the differences, and the similarities. Let’s go!

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner: The Differences

twitch affiliate benefits
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Both Twitch affiliate and partner offers some benefits for all streamers. However, they apply different requirements and advantages. As previously stated, becoming a Twitch affiliate is more easily achievable than being a Twitch Partner. To become a Twitch Affiliate, within the last 30 days you’ll need to have at least 500 total minutes of streaminga minimum of seven unique streaming times, and an average of three concurrent viewers.

In addition, you’ll also need to get at least 50 followers. Once you’ve met these milestones, Twitch will need several amounts of time to track your progress and grant you affiliate status.

twitch partner revenue split
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Becoming a Twitch Partner will require you to surpass the Twitch partner requirements, which are a little bit different. Within the last 30 days, you must stream 25 hours across 12 unique streams with an average of 75 viewers. This will allow your channel to apply for their Partner program and even if approved it’s not guaranteed that they’ll make you one, though.

When it comes to benefits, the affiliates will get 14 days of VOD storage, giving them more chances for viewers to re-watch your stream at their convenience. Other than that, affiliates can also get access to ads, Twitch bits monetization, and subscriptions.

Not stopping there, Twitch will allow you to create polls and channel point incentives for the viewers and one to five sub-emotes based on the number of subscribers you have.

For partners, Twitch will give you similar benefits but there is more VOD storage (up to 60 days), transcode options, squad streaming and stream delay options, 60 emotes, get access to create stream teams, and use self-service emote cool. On top of that, a special priority customer service.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner Similarities

Now that we know the differences between both Twitch statuses, we can tell that they have some similarities too. Both affiliates and partners have access to cheer with Bits, despite affiliates don’t allow custom cheermotes. They also get an entry for subscriptions, ads, and subscriber streams.

Aside from that, as an affiliate or partner, you are able to re-broadcast past content, as well as launch the new stream. This feature is basically unavailable for the regular streamer on Twitch. For clearer differences and similarities, just get a closer look at the table below.

FeaturesTwitch AffiliatesTwitch PartnerRegular Streamers
(up to 5 unlockable Sub Emotes)

(up to 60 unlockable Sub Emotes)
Cheering with Bits
Custom Cheermotes
Squad Stream
Subscriber Stream
Stream Delay
(up to 15 minutes)
Rebroadcast and Premier
TranscodingAs available, priority accessFull accessAs available
VOD Storage14 days60 days14 days
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Twitch Affiliate vs Partner Payout

twitch affiliate vs partner payout
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Starting from July 2022, the payout threshold for Affiliates has been lowered from $100 to $50. The payment will be given in 15 days after the end of the month of revenue earned. As for Partners, you’ll earn $250 monthly per 100 subscribers. Sounds significant, ain’t it?

However, the payout depends a lot on how many viewers are actually watching your channel (along with the ads, of course), and whether or not they’re using Adblock. Ads mean money in your pocket, so despite having so many viewers but if they skip the ads, it will affect a lot to your channel revenue.


So, that’s everything you need to know about Twitch affiliate vs partner. Making your way into these steps is quite hard, though. However, if you really want to make money from streaming, roll your sleeves and never surrender. Only hard work will get you there! Good luck!

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